Checklist for the Perfect Move

Moving can be a stress-inducing and tiring process. It demands focus and tenacity, but most of all, to make it as smooth as possible, it demands that you do some planning and make some common-sense decisions. Here are the things you can do to give yourself the best chance to have the perfect move.

Hire the Right Movers at the Right Price

In order to have the perfect move, you need to hire the right company for your move. The company that you hire needs to be professional and handle your move in a responsible, safe, and diligent fashion. The right movers should be fully insured for any negative circumstance. They should treat you well on the phone and give you a complete cost estimate in advance of your move. They should be responsive to your concerns and offer solutions that make you feel comfortable that they can handle the job.

Their workers should be professional, careful, and physically strong enough to handle your heavy furniture and delicate items. Any moving trucks or vans that they provide should be fully serviced and capable of holding and carrying your furniture. Finally, they should offer their services at a good price that is based on the amount of time your move takes.

If you live in the Melbourne area, the company that fits this description perfectly is Man With a Truck. The services offered by the company are cheaper than hiring a man with a van, they are high quality, and affordable removalists. Selecting Man With a Truck as you’re moving company guarantees that you will have a great move at an affordable price.

Pack your Jewelry, heirlooms and Other Valuables the Night Before

One vital practice that you should have when you move, is to always pack your own valuables the night before. These will include jewelry, heirlooms, art, any expensive glass or other types of figurines or keepsakes, and anything in your home of high value. These should be packed before the movers arrive and hand carried by you to your new place. They should be kept at all times away from any other articles that are being moved and you should always be aware of where these boxes are. Throughout the move, they should be kept in your possession.

Have an Understanding of How to Get Your Furniture into Your New Place

The day before you begin your move, map out how you will get your furniture out of your existing place and into your new place. If either of these is an apartment or condominium, you need to coordinate with management for your move, and you will need access to a service elevator and any place signs letting other tenants know that you will be moving heavy furniture in the elevators and around the property.

If you live in or are moving to a gated community or on restricted streets you might need to get certain permissions to have a moving truck on the street, particularly if the street is narrow and the truck might cause traffic to slow down. If your move involves a gated community you will have to coordinate your move with the office and security so they can expect the movers to come and get your furniture or to move it into your new place.

Be prepared to provide important issues about your move to your moving company so that they understand what can and what can’t be done and where and how things are to be moved. Remember moving around the property can sometimes cause dangerous situations for other tenants. In order to avoid any issues of liability, make sure that everything is tightly coordinated with your movers.

Take these common sense steps and you will surely have a perfect move.

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