The Best Option for the Best Aircon Servicing

The discharge pipe can be operated in a private home. In this case, it is intended for the gas column. Consider how to choose and install the discharge pipes for kitchen or gas boilers.

Design for flat installation

There are the following pipes installed for the lid in the kitchen:


It can be square and round. They are aesthetic, have a high lap. Smooth walls help reduce noise, lack of impurities that accumulate on the walls. Plastic pipes are cost-effective in terms of cost. Their service life reaches 10 years. Throughout this time they do not need maintenance, cleaning. Installation is very simple. For installation, you will need L-type adapters, hood adapters, adhesive. Plastic designs have different diameters. What diameter to choose? The choice depends on the power grid, the size of the ventilation channel. For the aircon servicing this is important.


Usually used when there are electrical wiring difficulties due to the inability to use some knees. They are great to be installed in difficult places to reach. They vary in simple installation, lack of need to get adapters, profitability, sustainability. It is made of aluminum or plastic. When choosing an aluminum pipe, it is important to calculate its optimal diameter. This parameter depends on the size of the ventilation and discharge system output. During installation it is required to extend, as folds contribute to a noise increase. Among the minuses there is a need for regular cleaning.

What to choose? If you are ready to sacrifice low noise in the name of ease of installation and design, select a corrugated product. If high speed is important to you, buy plastic constructions.

Features of installation of structures from different materials

Installation of the pipes in the kitchen depends on the material from which the product is produced. An adapter for installing plastic structures will be required. If square products are installed, knees are required.

When placing cappuccino in the kitchen, it is important to remember the following rules:

The discharge structure for kitchen cuttings is recommended when determining the required diameter and cross section. All these parameters depend on the size of the ventilation hole and discharge cap. The dimensions of the product should not be less than the ventilation in the kitchen. Otherwise, this will lead to a reduction in power, a greater burden on the system, which can cause an early failure.

  • Do not install exhaust structures in the kitchen so that the angle exceeds 90 degrees. Each big band negatively affects the performance of the culinary system. In addition, this leads to improper air leakage.
  • It is advisable to install the control valves to prevent the flow.
  • Applying simple rules will allow you to install a design for a kitchen system so that it will serve you for a long time and will not spoil your mood with disruption.

Variety of designs for heating equipment

It is useful to install the gasket caps for the following reasons:

  • They increase attraction.
  • They perform the function of removing combustion products.

The standard pipe diameter of the gas column is 110 mm and 130 mm. Structures with a diameter of 110 mm are used for a gas column with a capacity of no more than 19 kW. Products with a diameter of 130 mm are used for equipment in a private home, whose power ranges from 21 kW.

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