7 Ways To Organize A Dorm Room With Wall & Desk Loop Tape

For fun ways to decorate your dorm room, try out some of these ideas with adhesive cable catchers:

  1. Hang funky decorative party lights for a candle-lit ambiance without the candle flame.
  2. Stick a row of loop hooks at the door and hang an umbrella, art supplies, flashlight, or whatever you need most before walking out the door to class or hanging out with friends.
  3. Clip a phone ring holder to a whiteboard and stick a piece of loop tape outside your door and write messages for your friends and roommate.
  4. Again, using a ring holder on your smartphone or tablet reader, you can adhere a cable hook fastener to a cabinet, wall, side dresser, or wherever and read while standing or laying in bed.
  5. Inside your cabinet or closet space, use the sticky cable catch and hang personal items such as your shaver, necklaces, makeup bag, first aid kit, or whatever tools or corded appliances can be hung up to the door of your closet.
  6. Hang your favorite handled mug under a wall shelf or above your desk with a cable catch fastener, and you’ll always have a cup for a night time coffee or tea to help you sleep or keep working.
  7. If you purchase industrial strength wall hook fasteners, you will find they are sturdy enough to hold a small duffel bag of laundry, a filled water bottle, and other small handled items.

Decorate Your Dorm With Adhesive RipLock Cable Wraps

Similar to a hook to hang your coat and hat, having a piece of loop tape stuck to the wall, desk, closet, or even hiding behind your nightstand, makes having your most important supplies within arms reach and in a set location, so you’re not wasting time searching for your keys, glasses, campus pass, backpack, or your toiletries.

Instead of keeping random personal belongings strewn around the room and on every counter, think about hanging up your stuff and finding a home for everything that you own. Having a place for all your gear makes getting ready for class and hunkering down for serious studying a little less distracting and stressful and more peaceful and smart.

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