Deck Restoration Maryland Homeowners Love

Deck restoration does many things for homeowners. It is a process that goes beyond simply restoring a deck. It helps to increase and maintain property value, keeps your deck looking great through every season, and allows you to access a safe and beautiful outdoor living space. Keep reading to learn more about what deck restoration is and how you can use it keep your home looking beautiful.

Full-Service Restoration Services for Decks, Walkways, and Patios

Even if your home has a brand new deck, keeping it looking beautiful all year requires a ton of work. They say that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and when it comes to keeping a deck beautiful, they are not wrong. 

At Deck Wizard, we make the process of keeping a new deck looking beautiful, easy and affordable. We offer complete services that include:

  • Deck maintenance
  • Deck Refinishing
  • Deck Staining

These services work to keep your new deck looking beautiful and can be used to bring an older deck back into its prime. 

Deck Maintenance – Every season is challenging to a deck. In winter, the rains, cold temps, snow, sleet and hail all work to damage a deck. Deck maintenance is all about cleaning and removing the surface damage and grime. Grime can be acidic and will cause a chemical reaction that makes the wood deteriorate. Powerwashing and cleaning is at minimum an annual chore. In addition, UV exposure and water are both damaging to your deck. Morning dew or even frost magnified incoming solar radiation which causes damage. 

In short, a deck goes through a lot in a year and maintenance is required if homeowners wish to gain the full value of their investment. Maintenance of a deck does two things:

  1. Prevents Damage
  2. Reverses or limits the damage already done

Prevention – Includes cleaning, repairing and staining. Staining protects from UV damage, water damage, and fungi. Cleaning removes the debris that causes chemical damages to wood and coatings. Repairing is simply about removing damaged sections and replacing with new material. In the case of micro-damage, cleaning and filling spots mean the wood lasts longer and looks beautiful.

Deck Restoration or Repair – Repair as mentioned above is all about fixing the deck or its wooden structure so that it lasts as long as possible while still maintaining a beautiful look. This process can include sanding, drilling, and filling holes or replacing weak boards with new material. 

After all, the longer a deck lasts while looking its best the more value it provides to the homeowner. Is deck restoration needed at your home? Reach out to our professionals and get answers to all of your decking questions. 

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