Get your wooden furniture polished from professionals

Furniture adds beauty to your aesthetics. They need to remain in proper condition. Hence, if you are in Leeds and your home furniture or office furniture needs repair services or polishing then you can take help from professional polishers. The services given by French polisher Leeds are unique as they give fast services and are expert in their work. After taking their services, your furniture will appear as if you have bought new furniture.

You can also take their services online by visiting On visiting the website you will come across various services provided by the professionals available in the company. They are well trained at satisfying their customers with their services.

What is French Polishing?

French polishing is basically the process of polishing your wooden furniture giving your furniture a glossy look; your furniture will appear as if it is deeply colored thereby giving it a cat’s eye appearance i.e. optical reflectance. The professionals make use shellac, alcohol, pumice (for filling the pores if any), oil (as a lubricant), abrasives, and a soft cloth for polishing the furniture.

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How French Polishing is done

French polishing is done in a warm room, as if the room is cold, furniture will give a cloudy appearance. It is basically done in circular motion by applying many coats of polish. First of all shellac flakes are made to dissolve in alcohol as per the requirement. This is usually done for thinning the shellac flakes. Generally, polishers make use of denatured alcohol (ethanol mixed in pure alcohol). Then the mixture is allowed to settle for sometime. In the meantime pumice is used for filling the pores in the furniture. Then shellac mixture is evenly applied on the furniture with folded pad. One coat of shellac is followed by one coat of oil to allow lubrication as well as providing deep color to the furniture.

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