Handy Tips to Choose the Best Floor Tiles for Every Room

There could be a wide variety of appealing materials, textures, colors, and designs to choose from when it comes to floor tiles. However, not every type of tile is appropriate for every space.Below are some handy tips to select the best option.

#1: Take account of Tile Hardness

When shopping for different types of tiles, one significant feature you shouldn’t fail to check out is the hardness of the tiles. It evaluates the tiles cogency to withstand pressure from footwear, along with scratches.With this scale below, you can select a product that will be fitting for your space function.

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Class I: Suitable for wall- only application, no foot traffic

Class II: Temperate traffic or interior wall applications. I.e. bathrooms, bedrooms with no external access.

Class III: Temperate traffic, likewise on countertops and walls. Suitable for places with typical foot traffic.

Class IV: Temperate to big traffic. It’s suitable for all home spaces, like passages, halls, entryways, and kitchens.

Class V: Suitable to withstand heavy traffic and exposure to dirt and scratches. Will work well with any kind of space as well as commercial spaces.

#2: Consider its Porosity

This is a feature that is not to be toiled with. See that the tile can absorb the amount of water you would want, this can be determined by the ratio of air holes contained in a tile. This influences the extent to which it can take water. If you are installing some tiles in places like kitchen and bathroom, pay close attention to its porosity.

#3: Go for Porcelain

Are you looking for a material that has the resistance and strength with a wide variety of designs to select from? Then porcelain is your best buy. It is, without doubt, more durable than ceramic. You can get them in different colors and styles and specs. With recent technologies and development, there are different options with more than average hardness and moisture resistance. These tiles will be excellent for kitchen and bathroom floors. These beautiful yet durable tiles can also be gotten from Carreaux Metro wood imitation tiles.

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