Key to Success: How to become an Estate Agent

Are you fascinated by the economy of properties? Perhaps you’ve always been interested in the look and feel of various kinds of buildings but always felt architecture or property development weren’t quite your thing? Thankfully there are ways to use other skills in this area, especially if you have business and/or management experience. In that case, becoming an estate agent may be the ideal career path for you.

What exactly does an Estate Agent do?

Of course, it’s best to clarify the basics before jumping straight in to any career. An estate agent’s role involves selling, renting or managing properties and/or buildings. They are predominantly involved in the marketing of properties. As such the role requires enthusiasm and an eagerness to learn about many kinds of homes or buildings to let. Here are some simple guidelines on how to become an estate agent in the UK.

You don’t need a degree

Usually the first thing people wonder when told a certain career path may be right for them is whether they need a degree to pursue it. Becoming an estate agent doesn’t require you to study at university for 3-4 years, but there are certain qualifications you can aim for that will set you up well for success in the field. This includes a CPD Certified Level 3 Estate Agent Diploma, which you can gain through online study at your own pace (up to 16 modules in total), with tutors available to support you via email. It will set you up extremely well for estate agency work and can give you a crucial edge over possible competition.

On the other hand, if theoretical study really isn’t for you, there are also Estate Agency training courses available online that discuss the key skills required for letting and selling commercial and/or residential properties. It is worth looking into a training course as it too, like a diploma, can give you an edge despite not being entirely necessary.

Essential experience and skills required

While a diploma or training course isn’t essential to succeed in this kind of role, there are certain skills you do need, otherwise it may be time to admit it probably isn’t the right career path for you. These include:

  • An ability to negotiate and ‘sell’ people on ideas
  • Good organisation skills
  • A ‘people person’ – you’ll be interacting with plenty of them every day if you’re successful!
  • Decent maths and administrative skills

If these traits sound like you, chances are you may already be half way to becoming an estate agent, as you likely have the natural skills and talent to help you succeed in this career.

Work experience

The best way to learn is on the job as they say, and with estate agents it’s no different. Many companies won’t say no to some free labour and you might be surprised how easy it can be to arrange some work shadowing with a cold call or email. This is a great way to get a feel for the hands-on parts of the role.

In addition to these recommendations, it can prove helpful to keep up to date with estate agencies on social media – this is often a surprisingly simple and effective way to get your foot in the door.

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