Looking To Move Into An Apartment?

If you are looking to make your first move into your very own apartment, moving out of the parents house, or moving in with that special someone, even if you are moving OUT and into your own place after being married or sharing living quarters with a special person; you are going to need assistance.

Trying to do all the apartment moving yourself, no matter how independent you are, is going to be an overwhelming job; to say the least.  Below are some tips for how to pack efficiently to how to hire a good moving service when you are ready to make that move.

The first thing you need to do is make a list of everything that goes in every room of the house.  Make a list on the computer (or use a notebook, whichever is handier and easier for you to keep track of).  Number each room—then put those numbers on the boxes with a content list of each box on your list.  This way when it comes time to unpacking, you will know exactly where everything is.

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Be certain to have plenty of packing supplies; boxes, wrapping paper (for perishables), packing tape and Sharpie pens for marking the boxes.  Make sure to use unprinted newspaper, (the ink can possibly stain your precious items), or use bubble wrap to cushion delicate items.  Remember, that you cannot overestimate the amount of packing materials you are going to need.  So buy plenty, if you don’t use it all for some reason, you can always return the extras.

Take advantage of any wardrobe boxes that you may be able to get your hands on.  These tall boxes will be perfect   for packing any large comforters, draperies, as well as your clothing items that cannot be folded.  When you are packing your stuff, do not over pack and make the boxes too heavy.  Remember, someone is going to have to lift these boxes, as well as unpack them, and if they are filled too full it is going to make the job much more difficult doing both.

Be organized with the use of packing closet items in a wardrobe box.  You can use regular shopping bags with handles to pack your shoes into, place these in the bottom of the bag; then your items that must      be hanging straight can go on top of the shoe bags; stuff some purses or other small items in the spaces in between where your hanging items are to keep them straight and finally you can use some dry cleaner plastic to cover the shoulder areas of your delicate hanging clothing.  This will ensure that all the closet items are together in one or two boxes and by using the handled shopping bags at the bottom of the tall box, you will be able to more easily retrieve them when unpacking.

One other idea when packing your stuff is to design a color-coded system. Put colourful stickers on each box to represent a certain room in your new home.  For instance, yellow for the kitchen, blue for the bathroom, you get the idea.

Lastly, do not wait until the last moment to pack and prepare for your apartment moving experience; ; procrastination never did anyone any good.  Plan for your move and pack a little bit every day to make sure you get it all packed safely.

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