Things to include in your modular kitchen plan!

Designing a modular kitchen can be an awesome experience. As the homeowner, you get to choose everything you want – From the layout to cabinetry, finishes and more. A perfect modular kitchen is the one that fits into the home interior plan. However, function is the most critical aspect to look out for, and in this post, we are discussing all you must have in your modular kitchen plan.

  1. More drawers

You have to consider having more drawers in your modular kitchen, because organizing things gets easier by a mile. From your ladles and spoons, to all other smaller essentials and other utensils, you can keep things in good order. Drawers can be easily labeled too.

  1. More lighting for cabinets

With too many cabinets and modules, your modular kitchen may look smaller and darker. Having lighting as a part of the cabinetry is a wise idea in that context. You will find lighting solutions for all plans. Select focus lighting for cabinets just above the countertop, or go for suspending lights, the choice is yours.

  1. Include countertops

If there has to be one thing where you shouldn’t be making any compromises, it is the countertop. Countertops and worktops need to be a part of the modular kitchen design, so that the aesthetic requirements can be taken care of. Insist on materials like marble, quartz, or even better, granite, which are ideal for most kitchens.

  1. Built-in appliances

Appliances can be added to the modular kitchen during the designing stages. From built-in chimney hobs, to ovens and microwave, there is many things to consider. This approach ensures that the appliances look as integrated components of the plan and don’t stick out like extras. Built-in appliances can cost more, so ask for estimates in advance.

  1. Dual sinks

The decision eventually depends on the space available, but it is a wise idea to consider double sink for your modular kitchen. This just ensures that two people can work in the kitchen at the same time, and you can manage your utensils and cooking work better.

Deciding on the budget and more

If you have liked some of these kitchen design ideas, you must consider contacting an installation service at the earliest. The budget is a critical aspect when it comes to figuring out the modular kitchen design, and a good installer can help you choose the right things based on your budget. Also, the estimate should be a clear one with all inclusions.

Go for some extra storage, because kitchen cabinets never really go wasted. You can also talk to the installation service to find more inclusions, such as trash cabinets and special drawers that are meant to be used as pullout cabinets.

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