Tips for Childproofing Your Doors

Bringing home a bundle of joy is a life changing experience, and while babies can drain the life out of you, they’re also absolutely amazing to be around… but those little babies that sleep all day, don’t stay babies forever… before you know it, they begin crawling, and you blink, and they’re running. Babies don’t really walk, they straight go into running mode, and as they run, they run into things, and one of the most seemingly safe but dangerous things in your home they love to collide with, are your doors. 

It’s important that you don’t wait for the first time your child gets injured to childproof your doors, do it before they grow their wheels! In this post, we’re going to be going over a list of the best tips you can use for childproofing your doors today! 

  1. Make sure your doors are in perfect shape

    Before we get into how you can keep your baby safe from doors, we need to make sure that the doors in question are safe for everyone. If you’re noticing that your door is wonky, too creaky, super worn out or has problems while locking and unlocking, it’s not safe to have it in a house with a baby. Call in Door Repair NYC, or a reputable door repair service in your area to come and restore your doors back to a safer condition! That way, you’ll know that the entire door won’t just fly off its hinges, and you can work on making sure you’re keeping your baby as safe as possible around it!
  2. Get pinch guards 

Even before babies start walking, they start putting their hands in things. Since they’re super observant, they see you opening doors and will probably try to mimic that as one of their first adventures. Now, since a baby’s hand is super tiny, and can’t really hold the weight of a giant door, the door closes and pinches the baby’s fingers in the process! To avoid this from happening, get baby pinch guards that will stop the doors from closing entirely and will protect those tiny fingers!

  1. Baby proof locks
    Pulling a door open isn’t the only danger when it comes to doors, pushing them open and getting stuck inside, or getting their fingers or feet pinched in the door, or worse, the entire child getting slammed by the door is even worse! This can be avoided by getting baby proof locks that are little straps which will hold the door in place so the baby can’t just push it open randomly!
  2. Get knob coverings
    If the usual baby straps don’t keep your toddler from opening the doors anyway, it’s time to upgrade to knob covers instead. These slip onto your door knob and make it so you have to squeeze it pretty hard, and only then can you turn it and open the door! These are slightly more confusing for a baby or toddler and usually, they require a good squeeze so babies don’t even have that much grip, making these last a lot longer than just the latches. So they’ll last you a couple of years too!
  3. Swap the entire doorknob out!
    If your child has outgrown knob coverings, or you’ve just got yourself one of those super genius toddlers that just know how to get around everything, you’re going to need to swap them out with a slightly more serious solution. Once kids understand how to use doors, they tend to lock themselves in a room on their own at least once. This can be incredibly stressful for you and the child so it’s better to avoid the situation altogether. This can be done by getting lock-less knobs! These don’t have a locking mechanism and will ensure that no one gets locked in any rooms ever! It’s a little inconvenient, but it beats a lock-in situation! 
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