Types of Wood: Guide to Choose the Best for Your Furniture

The decision made by choosing a wood kind may influence the item’s cost. Pay attention to that process when furnishing an office according to your needs and financial abilities. Modern Wood Style can help anyone to make the right decision. Here is a short instruction providing information about which wood is best for furniture.

Solid Wood

It differs from the manufactured one. It’s not synthetic but made of natural pieces. The Solid Wood type includes Hardwood and Softwood. Hardwood grows slowly. The materials used are dicot trees. They shed their leaves in autumn and only a few of them are evergreen. Hardwood performs better quality and durability than Softwood. Look up the following materials: oak, maple, walnut, mahogany, beech, ash, etc.

Softwood kinds aren’t dense. All types are evergreen growing faster. This type includes fir, spruce, pine, cedar, and so on.

Hardwood types are better in terms of reliability. Next, we are going to focus on what kind of wood to make a desk?

What Kind of Wood are Desks Made out of?

When it comes to furnishing an office, employers ask: “What wood should I use to build a desk?” It’s an essential item. The crucial thing to consider – an office desk must be not only durable but good-looking. It should become a modern office interior part. Aesthetic matters as well as workability and performance. Look through the conventional options list.

TOP-5 Wood Types

5. Fir

Despite it being softwood, benefits are worth to be taken into account. Firstly, fir furniture isn’t expensive as this type is a commonly used one. The quality corresponds to the price. Thanks to fir natural features, desks are not the only items to be made of it. Secondly, the color is good-looking. You can match it with other items – the interior will remain attractive.

4. Elm

Elm suits all types of furniture thanks to bendability. Its kinds may furnish out a dark interior. They are dark brown featuring pleasant red streaks. It creates a good contrast between light and dark office areas. Elm kinds are rare and might be expensive. They are also difficult to find but our service has a good variety of choices.

3. Ash

Some ash’s qualities are similar to elm’s. It’s bendable and durable hardwood. The color spectrum varies from light to dark patterns. The most common are creamy-white and grey ones. The cost is more beneficial than the preceding hardwood. The furniture isn’t cheap but not the most expensive one.

2. Walnut

The Walnut color range is considered to be one of the most attractive ones. Its chocolate brown patterns will suit a darker setup. Walnut is not about appearance only. Performance qualities are valued. The desk will remain usable for the long term and the attractiveness won’t be neglected. The prices are high.

1. Oak

Are you curious about what type of wood is the Resolute desk made out of? Yes, it’s made out of oak timbers. The choice is obvious. Oak materials are solid and durable. Oak desks are also attractive. The most common tones are pale cream and medium brown.

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