Unattended Death and Decomposed Body Cleanup Services

Cleaning up after an unattended death or a decomposing body can be highly emotional and traumatic, especially if you have strong ties with the deceased. Decomposed body cleanup service offers discreet cleanup following an unattended death. They have a well-trained team of experts who follow laid down rules and regulations. They not only clean and decontaminate the affected area but also prevent cross-contamination.

What is an Unattended Death?

An unattended death is a situation whereby someone dies alone in their room, and their body is discovered only a few days after that. There are many causes of unattended death including suicide and natural causes. The natural death cases are common among the elderly. Other causes of unattended death include homicide or sudden health issue such as cardiac arrest. Cleaning up the remains of a loved one after an unattended death can be traumatic. Apart from that, there are lots of potential health risks involved in decomposed body cleanup.

Decomposed Body Cleanup

Unattended deaths can be gruesome and a gory sight to see, as the body most likely has started to decompose. Depending on how long the remains were found, the body releases bodily fluids that are harmful to human and other animals. Exposure to these harmful pathogens should not be taken lightly. There may also be insect or vermin activity around the body if the body has decomposed beyond recognition.

After the body has been evacuated, decomposed body cleanup is the next step in line. Expert cleanup service will begin cleaning, sanitizing and remediating the spot. The first thing they will do is to clean any blood spill, bodily fluids and other hazardous material found at the site of the incident. They have the right tools, equipment and skill set required to decontaminate the scene to prevent the spread of diseases. If necessary, they will get rid of contaminated items such as bedding, carpets, furniture, etc.

Odor Removal Following an Unattended Death

How do you know a body has been lying lifeless for days in a room? The stench that the decomposing body emits makes the difference. This odor is very strong and can permeate furniture, fabrics and other belongings in the room. Using your typical cleaning agents will not do half the job of removing the foul smells. Decomposed body cleanup companies use chemical deodorizers and ozone treatments to remove the stench, making your home habitable once again.

Have you just discovered an unattended death? Call in the cops. After proper investigation and the body whisked away by appropriate law enforcement agencies, the next thing to do is to clean the bodily fluids and blood of the deceased. Decomposed body cleanup service can help you out in this regard. Get help from the professionals and ease off the stress from your shoulder. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that a professional decomposed body cleanup is handling the cleanup. What’s more, these experts are discreet and trained in the proper methods to decontaminate after discovering an unattended death.

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