Ways that French Doors Can Improve the Look of Your Home

French doors are a beautiful way to increase the value of your home and let more natural light into the house. If you’ve been thinking about adding French doors to your design scheme, here are some ideas that you can consider for your next home improvement project.

French doors that lead outdoors can make the indoor space look larger. You can also ensure that the French doors are in the same direction as the sunrise so that the room will be filled with natural lighting throughout the day. This provides an appealing visual effect while helping you to save on electricity bills. A door on the balcony of your master bedroom or near the porch makes it easy for you to get outside and enjoy the weather, read a book or enjoy a meal with easy access to your bedroom. You can also position the French doors in your kitchen so that they lead to the backyard or porch. This is a great way to create more open space when you’re entertaining guests and want to bring a pleasant breeze into the house. To add even more light into your room, you can purchase shorter French doors and use the top paneling area of the door space for a horizontal window that is reminiscent of antique architecture.

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You can also use French doors to accent a certain design feature in your home. If you have an impressive wine collection or want to show off the impressive dishes or souvenirs you’ve acquired from your travels, a small closet or cabinet with French doors is a great way to do this. You can also use accent lighting inside of these small closet spaces to bring more attention to them and to add to the ambience of the room. Replacing the doors of your clothing or linen closet with French doors can also make the room appear more open and will encourage you to keep the contents of your closet neat and presentable.

Once you decide on the French doors you want, you can decorate them in a way that will make your space look and feel like it’s one of a kind. Window treatments and drapes that accent the top of the doors add color and texture to the room and still allow natural light to come in through the glass accents of the French doors. You can also use colored glass for the French doors to change the way the sunlight is reflected into the room and to match the color scheme of the room. Adding etched glass in some of the window spaces can also customize the doors and make them specific to your family, especially if you add glass that includes your monogram or a short inspiration saying that is special to you and your loved ones.

Before you decide on the French doors you want, make an appointment with a contractor and have your doorways measured for precision. You can also get the advice of an interior designer to figured out the style of doors that are best for the design scheme of your home.

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