Where to Find Free or Inexpensive Home Decorating Advice

You have moved into your new home, and now you need to decorate it. If you have a tight decorating budget, an interior designer might not be an option for you, as their fees can get quite large. Exploring other avenues for design ideas can lead to inexpensive, yet stylish finds. When you need the advice to help decorate your home, you can find free advice on interior design websites, in books, asking friends and from just looking at websites from around the world.

Explore Design Websites

Interior design and home decorating websites are plentiful. One site, www.bedmarket.co.uk, offers some great pictures on bedroom decor. Although some sites want you to pay for a designer, they often give small tips for free. Check out do-it-yourself store sites, such as BBQ and different paint manufacturer sites for plans and design ideas at no cost to you.

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Look for Books

A visit to the library can uncover a wealth of home decorating books, all of them available to check out for free with a library card. Even if a book is older, it can have unique design ideas or classic looks than you can update easily. Don’t overlook bookstores. Many bookstores have seating available, so you can sit down with a book or magazine and look for ideas for free. If one of the books or the magazines has several ideas you like, purchase it. This will give you various ideas for a low cost.

Contact Friends

Look around at your friend’s houses to see what ideas they use in their own homes. If you see a design you particularly like, ask your friend if she would check out your space and offer some tips. Friends are usually willing to help each other out for free or maybe just a pizza dinner and she will probably be flattered that you like her style.

Check Out the Pros

Tour model homes for free to check out what professional interior designers are doing. They decorate the model homes with the latest trends and styles. You can gain insight for your own home without spending any money. Some model homes even have cards on different items letting you know where they were purchased.

As with websites, walk around the do-it-yourself warehouses and examine the displays, often designed by professional decorators. The paint department has paint chip cards, showing examples of different rooms professionally designed by interior decorators. These sample cards and even booklets are free for the taking.

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