Why Are Passive House Windows Highly Popular?

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Passive house windows are hugely popular in areas that face extreme climatic conditions as they help in maintaining minimal or no temperature variations. Without these windows, the energy bills that keep coming month after month for either heating or cooling the house cause big holes in the pocket of the homeowner. It is not that these windows are only restricted to houses that are located in extreme climate areas. They can be used in normal variation areas too.

Here are a few of the reasons that aid the popularity of passive house windows.

Help in Stabilizing the Indoor Temperature

These passive windows are excellent at keeping the indoor temperature stable. Care should be taken to go with reputed names like Neufenster passive house windows. These windows mostly succeed in not letting the indoor temperature fall below 17 degrees centigrade even if it is colder outside.

Cut Out the Natural Draught

The passive windows have a property of not allowing any pockets of drafts or cold air around it. If you go in close proximity of the window, you won’t find any varied temperature layers. Thus, they succeed in eliminating the natural draught.

Help in Retaining Heat

The whole concept of passive homes is that they capture the solar heat and retain it as heat. When the sunlight is captured by solar panels, it is converted to electricity, but here it is retained as heat. The passive windows’ thermal insulation property is thus very useful in eliminating the need for getting any other conventional heat sources to keep the house warm in extremely cold climate.

Loved by Interior Designers

Passive windows have brilliant insulation around the pane. This characteristic of these windows eliminates the limitation of confining the central heating to the window area. The designers, thus, get flexibility in designing and they can experiment with many creative ideas. No doubt, they love to have passive windows in the homes they design.

They Justify Their Cost  

These windows are no doubt expensive than the normal ones. But, the extra amount you pay for them gets recovered quickly as your heating bills reduce drastically. Within a short time span, you recover all the extra amount you paid and from thereon it basically becomes a saving stream.

People are increasingly tilting in favour of passive houses, which is ultra-energy efficient and good for the environment. In designing such a dream house, passive windows plays an integral and important role.

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