10 Stunning water features to consider for your backyard

The sight and sound of flowing water instantly enhance any landscape. Water features like ponds, fountains, and streams add a relaxing ambiance along with expanded habitat for birds and wildlife. Water elements also help mask unwanted background noises for greater tranquility and privacy. If you’re planning a new home build, consider incorporating one of these eye-catching water features in your backyard.

1. Koi pond

Ponds stocked with jewel-toned koi or goldfish become a focal point. Choose at least a 600-800 gallon preformed liner pond for fish to thrive. Include aquatic plants, rocks, and driftwood to help naturally filter and oxygenate water. Position near a patio so you observe fish up close.

2. Waterfall

The gentle white noise of a cascading waterfall provides a peaceful background sound. Use locally sourced rocks and boulders to build a naturalistic multi-tier waterfall and pond. Or install a small table top waterfall lined with pebbles. Let the descending water flow into a waiting pool below.

3. Japanese soaking tub 

For smaller yards, consider a wooden Japanese hot tub or of uro soak tub. Feed the tub with a gentle bamboo spout fountain. Surround with native plants, stones, and curving pathways for a minimalist Zen garden vibe. The tub doubles as a tranquil hydrotherapy getaway.

4. Jet fountain 

Propel water high into the air with jets that shoot arched streams in creative patterns. Program jets to dance and leap to music via a synchronized light and sound show. Surround low jet fountains with annuals and perennials to contrast nature and technology.

5. Container fountain

Add the sound of trickling water anywhere with a versatile container fountain. Place several around the landscape on patios, in garden beds, and flanking entryways. Choose from classic tiered fountains, bamboo spouts, potted water lilies, and floating flower rafts.

6. Rain chain 

Direct rain runoff creatively down a hanging chain, wall, or custom sculpture. Copper and aluminum chains add glittering texture cascading from a gutter. Position below scuppers, leaders, or downspouts to divert water into awaiting vessels.

7. Bubbler rock fountain

Water gently bubbles up through drilled holes in a large rock basin, creating a tranquil mood. Designed in natural stone, the fountain can be positioned in garden beds or amidst greenery. Low-voltage lights illuminate the wispy rising streams at night.

8. Backyard stream

Meandering streams add soothing movement as water flows over a pebble-lined riverbed to a hidden reservoir. Build your stream or liner with pumps and hoses on a prepared slope. Surround with iris, marsh grasses, and stones for a natural effect. 

9. Sunshower 

A rainfall showerhead mounted in an arbor or overhead trellis mimics light sunshowers. Use a recirculating pump or hook up to a garden hose. Turn it on briefly for misty refreshments on hot days or let run for extended rain ambiance. Visit the official website for additional resources.

10. Poolside features

If adding a new pool, incorporate complementary water effects like dual spillway infinity edges, arched fountains, rippling water walls, and raised hot tubs. Poolside water displays add look-at-me drama that extends the aquatic theme.

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