3 Amazing Tips ToChoose Low-Maintenance Flowering Plants For Your Garden

You love flowering plants in your garden but are worried that they may require a lot of maintenance which you can’t give them due to shortage of time. But don’t worry.

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Actually you can choose just the right flowering plants that require low maintenance and can be grown and maintained easily. Yes, there are such flowering plants.

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1. Choose Old Classics

When you plan to choose flowering plants that would require little to no maintenance, old-fashioned plants are your best bet. These are geraniums, salvias and petunias which are very easy to care for and can fill your space with plenty of flowers to delight your eyes.

Another choice is gazanias which are the best as ground covers because they have large prominent flowers and will keep pleasing your eyes all through summer.

A hybrid gazania named Double Gold is the only variety available and it won’t spread to become a weed. It requires incredibly little maintenance and gives twice as many flowers as the non-hybrid variety.

A few other classics have the potential to become weeds; hence it’s advisable to choose low seeding varieties if possible. E.g. agapanthus now comes in a low seed variety.

Dietes is a popular low care flowering plant with strappy leaves. It comes in two low seed varieties in white and yellow flowers. This is a great plant for small gardens as it requires much less maintenance than other plants.

Having outstanding hardiness and prolonged blooming times, rhaphiolepis is another popular old favourite. They tend to become extra-large and their seeds are spread by birds.

There is a ban in NSW on rhaphiolepis but 2 new low seed varieties have been exempted from the ban. The variety named Cosmic Pink growsto as small as 80cm of heightand gives abundant pink flowers. It needs less pruning too.

Cosmic White is another variety which grows up to 1.5 to 2 metrestall and grows just anywhere and is very sturdy. Both these varieties need very less pruning and survive extreme weather conditions.

2. Choose the Neat New Varieties

There are several native Australian plants that are low maintenance. However, they are not very tidy but are quite messy. On the other hand, there are several new varieties which are just opposite, i.e. tough, neat, compact and easy care.

The first example of this is grevilleas which give abundant flowers and are easy to care for. It needs only a light once-a-year prune after bloom and it will bloom for years.

Its Crimson Villea variety is one of the most eye-catching winter flowering plants in the world. This dense variety of grevillea grows to a well-ordered 80 x 80 cm and gets loaded with crimson flowers from autumn to spring. It’s robust and withstands frost, drought and moderate humidity, thus an ideal low maintenance plant.

3. Choose Disease Resistant Plants

While looking for low maintenance plants, look for one more quality i.e. disease resistance. There are many Australian natives that are excellently disease resistant, but not all.

Choose the velvet range of kangaroo paws for your garden because it has great resistance for black spot resistance and so, it’s much easier to care for.

Certain old garden favourites are vulnerable to diseases and therefore need extra care. But this has a solution in the form of choosing only those varieties bred for high disease resistance.

Take care to select roses with increased black spot resistance. Also, choose azalea that offers abundant flowers and is drought resistant and lace bug resistant.

Image Courtesy: amico.com.au

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