5 Cheap Ways to Re-Vamp Your Kitchen

Between late-night snacking, eating meals, cleaning, cooking and often catching up on bills or work, your kitchen is most likely one of the rooms you spend most of your precious time in. If this is the case, it should be one of the beautiful rooms as well. If your kitchen looks a little drab, there are lots of ideas you can use to breathe new life into it, like kitchen door replacement. Here are some cheap ways to re-vamp your kitchen:

1) Respray Your Cabinet and Its Doors

If you want to give your kitchen door cabinets a new look, you do not have to install new ones. You can respray them with a fresh spring colour to completely transform the overall feel and look of your kitchen at a reasonable price. You can give your kitchen cabinet doors an instant update using a small amount of paint in a vibrant shade.

You can also paint the inside of your cabinets a soft pink or rich red to freshen up your kitchen. You can continue with these accent colours through your kitchen with the help of coordinated soft furnishings and accessories. Sprucing up your kitchen cabinets with paint allows you to obtain a range of looks; for instance, high-gloss, contemporary and rustic.

2) Remove Cupboard Doors

You can also lighten up your kitchen, making it feel more modern and less bulky by removing some of your kitchen cabinet doors and the turn the spaces into open shelves. Displaying your crockery adds personality, makes it quicker to organise them and easy to access them.

Now that you have open shelving and cabinets and want to put your plates on display, you a buy a set that is eye-catching. You can match your dishware with at least 6 per set. This means that you will have to stash the old sorority tumblers that you had since college times.

3) Replace Your Old Kitchen Doors

Kitchen door replacement can completely transform your kitchen. There are companies that can help you with your kitchen door replacement at a cheap price. If your kitchen doors are old, worn out or boring, you can get high-quality replacement kitchen door. There is a wide variety of colours and designs to choose from.

4) Clean up Clutter

If you always feel overwhelmed whenever you open your kitchen drawer because you cannot find your wine opener, or your cheese grater has gone missing again, it is time for a drawer organiser. This will help you categorise and separate your kitchenware, which will make finding things easier. Also, every time you slide a drawer, you will feel a bit of pride over how organised and neat your drawers look.

5) Change Your Cupboard Knobs

Although it may look like a small detail, when you change the door knobs on the kitchen cupboards, it adds accents of colour plus personality. Patterned and small designs always stand out superbly on plain white cupboards. If you are finding it difficult matching colours, you can opt for jewel knobs. It’s a simple way of adding a touch of elegance.

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