6 Dangerous home DIY to avoid

It doesn’t make you a less of a man to hire professional help for projects around the house which have apparent risk involved undertaking them and it is best if these dangerous home DIY projects are left for the professionals. Here are 6 dangerous home DIY projects people should absolutely avoid.

  1. Plumbing Jobs

Once upon a time considered as a DIY project, plumbing has become more and more complicated over the years by numerous rules and regulations and complexities of modern piping installed in our homes.

Anything beyond replacing a faucet or unclogging the toiler, it is best to approach professional for your plumbing needs.

  1. Gas Appliances

It is best to let professional handle all jobs related to gas appliances like gas furnace, water heaters, dryers and ovens as an unnoticed gas leak an result in fires and explosion, making repairing gas appliances a very dangerous home DIY job.

  1. Electrical jobs

Anything apart from changing light fixtures or light bulbs, electric jobs can turn out to be a very dangerous home DIY project. Electric work can be very complicated and risky and if done improperly, can result in fires, electrocution and other injuries. It is best to leave electrical jobs for trained and experienced professionals.

  1. Roofing Works

It is best to leave all forms of roofing jobs to the expert, no matter how minor it may be as roofing jobs can be one of the most dangerous home DIY projects, with risk of injury from falling off the roof. Anything from replacing a few shingles or tiles to mending a leaking roof, it is best to leave all roof jobs to the professionals

  1. Sanding Floors

Sanding floors can be an economically dangerous home DIY project as it requires skill and expertise and when done as a DIY project, can result in bumps and lumps on the floor which if visible can immensely devalue a house at time of sale

  1. Concrete Work

Concrete jobs can be economically dangerous home DIY projects as if done incorrectly, can cost an arm and length to rectify and hence it is best to hire professionals for jobs involving pouring of concrete.

According to 411 Home Repair, DIY home projects are supposed to be something to cherish and not repent and we can conclude by saying it is best to hire professionals to carry of risky, complicated and skilled house projects.

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