6 Important Decoration Keys

Are you looking to decorate your apartment? here are some tips to help you with it.

1. Customize Your Interior

That is something that we repeat and will repeat throughout the posts because it is the key to a welcoming environment. Remember that your home tells who you are. You can do it by teaching part of yourself:  your interests, your hobbies; part of your family: their photos, their objects; part of it that you like: your paintings, books, flowers.

2. Be Aware of Limits

To get the right decoration, you have to take into account the boundaries of the space. If your apartment is small, be careful with the dimensions of the lamps of your paintings. You can relax because of the furniture since the visual weight is more important than its real size.

3.  Less Is More (Sometimes)

If you do not know how to decide between 2 or more objects, two or more colors, the solution is in the “least.” That is to say that sometimes it is better to have less so that space breathes and that the styles do not mix dangerously (this applies in the case that you doubt since the mixture of styles can be very pleasant). It’s a bit like a drawing: it’s better to leave a bit of white on the paper rather than fill it all in.

4.  The Comfort and The Comfort Are Key

No matter how beautiful it may seem to you, a piece of furniture or distribution has to be comfortable and practical. With this respected guideline, you’ll have a much better chance of making your space cozy.

5.  Put Flowers in Your Life

An extra life in the house with plants, flowers, or a garden (urban, balcony, in the garden) changes the whole environment for the better.

6.  Surround Yourself with Beautiful and Exciting Objects  

This is an important point. You will see, if each object goes from being ordinary to exciting, everything seems more attractive. We tend to neglect common, banal objects. Why? Are not those ordinary objects the ones we use every day? Surround yourself with objects that you like. You can also add coir mats to the room.

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