Adding water features in your landscape

According to Chinese mythological beliefs, the voice of the flow of fresh water brings prosperity and positive energy in your house. They are one of the best things that you can add to your landscape to elevate its beauty and your house’s as well. You can hire the service of popular landscapers like Axel Landscape who will design and renovate your landscape with amazing water features.

These are few water features that you can add in your landscape:

Slate Fountain Wall – When you think about the water features, the first thing that comes to your mind is a fountain but instead of installing traditional fountains, you can go with slate fountains wall. These are modern form of fountains in which the water flows above from the wall and its sounds as amazing as natural waterfall. You can customize it per you preference and looks of the landscape.

Bubbling Sphere – You can decorate your landscape with a bubbling sphere which is actually a small ball made with terra cotta. In this, the water flows from the top of the sphere and it looks too beautiful. You can decorate it with small stones and pebbles. It will also get a mossy coat with time which will give it a natural blend-in look.

Small Pond – Installing a small pond is beneficial in many ways for your landscape. Obviously, it will make your landscape beautiful but also you can connect it with fresh water flow and irrigate all the plants and trees in your landscape. If you like fishes and amphibians then you can add them in it.

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