Advantages of carpet tiles

The carpet tiles are floor coverings as an alternative of wall to wall carpets. They are small squares of carpets which are usually used in high traffic areas such as airports, schools and offices. They are used to add an outstanding style in the decor of your space. They are available in high versatility of shape, color, size, patterns and textures. They are highly durable because they are modified with a long lasting backing of vinyl, fiberglass, urethane, woven propylene and recycled vinyl.  Carpet tiles are an excellent option for playrooms and family rooms in a home. You can arrange these carpet tiles in the pattern of your choice or you can create your own textures. These qualities make the carpet tiles, prior choice for many people. Advantages of carpet tiles are explained here so that you can understand them while buying carpet tiles.

Versatile in Style

Carpet tiles are available in different styles, colors, sizes, patterns and shapes that is why carpet tiles are the wonderful option to express your creativity. You can remodel carpet tiles in any pattern of your choice, which can complement the look of your space and add a touch of style. If you want to brighten your space with a mix and match of bright colors then, carpet tiles are the perfect option. This is becoming a popular office carpeting option because of tiles shapes and patterns flexibility.

Easy to installation

One of the most attractive features of carpet tiles so it is becoming a popular alternative option for floor covering.  As tiles are the small modular units, which are easy to lift upstairs as well as move ground floors. They are easy to store or to transfer from one place to another. You need to put minimum efforts and time for installation of carpet tiles.

Long Lifespan

Carpet tiles are low-piles and tightly looped so it can hold up heavy commercial traffic. It can withstand a house of pets and kids even in little foot traffic. This high performing option gets its strength by the quality of fibers used in it. The synthetic fibers help them stand for a long time.

Easy Maintenance

Carpet tiles are extremely easy to clean up and look after. You just need to vacuum them regularly. Their low piles cause them to trap minimum dust in themselves. Little damages can be repaired or if a single or more tiles are damaged little more then, they can be replaced by the new modular units of the same style and color.

Reusable and Sustainable

Unlike wall to wall carpets, carpet tiles produce very little waste. In case of little damages you do not need to replace the whole broadloom rather you need to change that certain area only. Additionally, carpet tiles are reusable in many cases. If you are fed up of using them in your whole room, you can use them as an area rug, doormat or on social entryways for a different look. This is quite uncommon to use them alternatively at different places for different purposes.


Mostly asthmatic patients choose low-pile wall to wall carpets, which are difficult to install, they are advised to select carpet tiles because they are efficient to resist dust particles trap. This is the reason why most people think that carpet tiles help prevent allergies because they do not trap other allergens as well.

Moisture Resistant

Carpet tiles are tightly weaved and they have a strong backing, which helps them resist water but do not act as water proof media. In case of occasional spill or minor moisture carpet tiles will help you to protect your floor from topical damage. But in case of flood you are definitely needed to replace your carpet tiles because it can cause germs production when water retains in synthetic fibers which can cause diseases.

Budget-friendly option

Carpet tiles are easily available in low prices as compared to that of wall to wall carpets. You can save labor by installing carpet tiles by yourself. They are easy to transport or store them in little prices as well as it gives its best to serve you with a long lifespan. Choosing carpet tiles is the smartest choice, which serves you for a long time within your pocket range.

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