Cable Tensioner

A cable tensioner is a metal accessory used to make the junction between stainless steel cables and the structure to which they are attached. This is also used to tension the cables more or less strongly to play on the rigidity of the structure supported by the cables. The structure can be a fence, a guardrail, a handrail, or even a guardrail.

There are different models, and they are available in many sizes. The solidity of the cable tensioner is an essential element since it supports the tension, on the one hand, of the excellent cables to which it is connected and the heavy and resistant structures to which it is fixed. It is generally designed in stainless steel.

The number of cable tensioners that make cable protection floors needed on a specific structure depends on the number of cables used on that same structure. The dimensions and thickness of the cable tensioner depend on the diameter of the cables used.

Therefore, the cable tensioner is an essential element for the assembly of cable structures since it will link the cables and the structure, ensure the rigidity of the whole, make the various elements secure and make a significant contribution to the overall strength of the installation. An insulated cable tensioner will not be of any use since it is the set of multiple cable tensioners that will maintain and stabilize its function.

The tensioners are designed to last over time and ensure the perfect safety of the installations to h which they are connected. They can be used both indoors and outdoors and must be resistant to various weather conditions such as rain, wind, frost, heat, and cold.

 A tensioner can be available individually, but it is most often offered in batches or sold as part of installation kits, including, in particular, the cables that it must strain and various tools needed for installation. The cable tensioner can find its place in all kinds of structures requiring the use of tensioned cables, and therefore, its field of use, in absolute terms, is multiple.

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