Call Us for a Professional Hoarding Cleanup Service

When someone hoards trash and belongings in their home, it makes for a very difficult situation because they are very attached to those items. However, the situation is very dangerous also because the trash can cause a biohazardous situation that can cause great harm to the health of those living in the home and to others who enter the building. When you need a professional hoarding cleanup service, give us a call.

Our professional technicians have years of experience working with hoarding situations. There is nothing new under the sun as far as hoarding goes for them. They have the experience and professionalism to handle each situation with care and tact.

We work with our clients to identify the best route to decluttering their homes. This may take some time, and it may need to be done in stages, but, in the end, the result will be a home that is clean, disinfected, clear of clutter and trash, and safe to live in.

Hoarding can be dangerous on a number of levels, but one of the biggest problems it can cause is that rodents may move into the home. The animals are attracted by the trash. When the animals are in the home, they leave behind droppings. Those droppings are biohazardous because they can contain bacteria and viruses that can harm the health of the home’s inhabitants. The animals themselves can also be home to fleas and other insects that cause disease.

Even if the rodent infestation in a hoarder’s home has ended, the droppings left behind can still cause harm because the pathogens remain present and active in the droppings. Even the air around the droppings can be harmful and contain viruses and bacteria that are airborne, causing disease just by having been breathed in by someone who came to close to the droppings.

All of our technicians are certified biohazardous cleaners, and they follow the letter of the law to make sure that all areas of a home are disinfected and ready to be used again. They dispose of all trash properly to minimize the risk of infection as well. Some items may not be able to be decontaminated, such as flooring, carpeting, or drywall. After these items are removed, they can be replaced so that the space can be returned to its original state and so that it is safe to use again.

Give us a call when you need a professional hoarding cleanup service. We look forward to being of service.

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