Comparing Types Of Joint Sealants

Joint sealants can be classified right into two kinds: film-forming as well as penetrating. Film-forming, like its label recommends, produces a membrane – or sheet – on the surface of the concrete. These sealants do not react chemically with the concrete. To assist make that hunt much easier, below is an overview of the basic sealer classifications, their attributes and also the circumstances each is better made use of in.


PU systems have long been connected with providing strength, resilience and pliancy when faced with a range of screening conditions, such as heavy step, physical effects, severe temperature levels and also destructive chemicals.

PU systems are therefore very well matched to industrial facilities, where the flooring is likely to encounter a long listing of obstacles daily. For example, simply a hand pallet vehicle when completely loaded can put on the scale in extra of one tonne, which places a huge quantity of stress via its wheels and also into the floor. The robust nature of PU units indicates that they can make it through the misuses of commercial operations for a long amount of time.

So contractors who are doing larger tasks might wish to consider what the price would certainly be prior to choosing a Polyurethanes sealant.


Epoxies come in a range of forms: water based, solvent based, and also 100% solids. The various types of items will certainly give you differing advantages. Epoxies are very simple to use, enable varying degrees of thickness (normally between 3-15mils), as well as offer you an extremely durable floor that can withstand the abuse it gets. 

One of the benefits to epoxies are they are developed with various amounts of VOC levels (volatile natural substances) … this is the truly smelly smell that the substance produces. You can ask for the low VOC formulas in the majority of epoxies. 

When using you will commonly blend one component An and also one component B with each other (mix proportions will certainly differ from product to product) to tart the hardening procedure. When mix correctly you can put on your flooring as well as wait on the epoxy to connect to the concrete and dry. 

Epoxies do not have a lengthy working time since when blended the epoxy reacts with the hardener so it is essential to bear in mind that time is important.

The strongest and also least odor producing epoxies are 100% solids. This suggests there slight to no VOCs in the epoxy as this will provide you the toughest coating when applied. It will certainly dry out thick provide a scratch immune surface. 

Not just will the epoxy fill out hairline splits and also clangs in the floor but thickness will be flat when smoothed or mop out due to its self-levelling qualities. Epoxies can be utilized in a variety of applications from home garages and cellars to aircraft buildings and business grade food processing plants.

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