Factors Determining The Efficiency Of Solar Panel And The Suitability Of Solar Panel Prices

While determining the efficiency of the solar panel, people often try to link this factor with the solar panel prices, but it is not enough. A pricey panel is certainly better in quality and characteristics than a cheaper equipment, but it is the amount of sunlight that is converted to electricity after hitting the panel, which is a key aspect to consider. Although the efficiency rating does not appear much when you consider the figure, but it is enough to meet the requirements of power at your home. Apart from the size and the efficiency, you need to evaluate the amount of power that the panels intend to create. Remember that the seasonal variations can also affect the output of electricity.

Effect of temperature

The production of power from the solar panel can be affected due to unusually high temperatures as it enhances the conductivity of the semiconductors. When the charges are balanced within the material, it reduces the magnitude of the electric field stopping the separation of charges thereby reducing the voltage. Excessive heat developing in the panel reduces the output of heat greatly. You can try to install the panel on a mounting system away from the roof thereby making the system cool via air circulation. Besides this, the solar cells designed for your system must be more effective and appropriate in dealing the challenges of a hot climate. Light-colored panels are also useful when you are trying to reduce the absorption of heat.

Cleaning the front surface

The solar cells cannot absorb the sunlight effectively when the front portion of the panels become dirty with the droppings of birds. As rain is not enough to wash away the stains, it is necessary to make physical inspections frequently for spraying water on the front portion of the panels so that the dirt and the stains can be washed away with ease. To enhance the efficiency of the system, it is essential to adjust the panels twice during a year. For instance, you can tilt the solar panel at a lower angle during the summer and increase it during the winter to ensure that sunlight reaches every corner.

Panel in shade

When you are looking for ways to increase the efficiency of the solar system, too much of shade in the rooftop can hinder the absorption of sunlight. In fact, only a little shade is enough to stop the production of electricity in all the panels. You have to choose the location wisely during the installation of the panel to make sure that no shade falls on the system when the sunlight stays at its peak hours.

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