Five Tips to Choose the Best Mattress

You’re supposed to have an average sleep time of eight hours a day. However, you may require more sleeping time if you’re dealing with a chronic illness. Getting enough sleep ensures you feel well-rested and functional the next morning. During sleep, your body repairs itself, releases important hormones for normal body function and creates muscle tissue.

Turning throughout the night instead of getting restorative sleep can leave you frustrated and uncomfortable. A mattress has the capability of either breaking or making your sleep. The latter begins with buying the right mattress. Here are five tips to choose the best Welcome to Home mattress for you:

Top 5 Tips to Consider When Buying the Best Mattress

  • Never Assume that a Firm Mattress is Better

Most people with chronic illnesses have repeatedly been told that sleeping on a firm mattress can help reduce pain. Some study showed that if you want improved sleep quality and decrease in pain, firm mattress isn’t the best choice. Firm mattresses are associated with back pain.

You could have been advised to sleep on a firm mattress, but it isn’t the best choice for people with chronic illnesses. You can choose the right firmness based on your sleeping style. For instance, stomach sleepers can use a firm mattress to prevent sinking of the hips and pelvis which could strain your spine.

Side sleepers should go for a softer mattress to reduce pressure on one hip or arm. Back sleepers, on the other hand, require a firm mattress. If you’ve got heavy weight, opt for firmer mattresses to use with your best inexpensive furniture for the bedroom.

  • Test Out a Firmer Mattress Before Purchasing

A firm mattress could be more comfortable to some people while others would prefer a softer or medium-firmed one. What works out for you could be different from what works for others. A good mattress promotes proper alignment of your joints and spine whenever you sleep. Buy a mattress that allows your joints to rotate and spine to sag.

  • Rotating Your Mattress Could be the Cause of Pain

You must have been advised to flip your mattress. How often you are supposed to flip the mattress depends on the mattress type and how long you’ve been using it. There are no guidelines on how the position of the mattress should be changed.

Some mattress companies would recommend flipping it every three months or even once a year. Buy a mattress brand that recommends a few to no mattress rotations within a year, meaning it’s of premium quality.

  • Opt for a Nontoxic Mattress

Studies shows that people with autoimmune conditions would experience allergic reactions when exposed to toxic chemicals. Mattresses might contain several toxic substances such as synthetic latex and flame-retardant chemicals. Nontoxic mattresses are made from natural latex, organic bamboo and cotton. Go green when buying your mattress.

  • Buy a Mattress with Guarantee of Getting Your Money Back

Mattresses can be expensive and there’s always no assurance that the one you buy would reduce your chronic pain or be the one with the right firmness. When buying a mattress, make sure the company offers money-back guarantee.

Are you looking for the right mattress for your sleeping style, body weight and unique needs? Contact us to find out more about our diverse Welcome to Home products.

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