Hardwood Floor Services in Fort Collins Colorado Will Keep Your Hardwood Looking Fantastic

If you are among the many that favor hardwood floors over laminated or engineered floors, then this is the place to find tips and guide on how to take care of these floorings best. You need first of all to know that with hardwood floor care four major aspects are involved – its cleaning, repair, refinishing and protection. There are many experts providing hardwood flooring service in Fort Collins Colorado.


As with almost every other thing, cleaning is important for maintenance. It is also pivotal in the case of hardwood floors as these floors are susceptible to dust and dirt. These are very visible because of the glossy nature of the wood and can cause scratches if not cleared away in time. Thus cleaning would mean regularly sweeping or dusting the floors. When using products for cleaning, be careful not to use those that are harsh and can cause damage to the hardwood floors. Care should be taken therefore to procure and use only products that have been specifically designed for hardwood floors.

Every once in a while it is required that you carry out a thorough cleaning of your hardwood floors. In this case, your cleaning should be tailored to be in tune with the sort of finish that your hardwood possesses. For instance, hardwood flooring that has a glossy or matte finish does not find water friendly. Thus, when cleaning such floors, only a damp mop is required. Any additional cleaning product must be carefully inspected to make sure that it doesn’t contain substances or ingredients that can be harmful to your type of hardwood floor.

To provide the best hardwood flooring cleaning service, there are certain things that you must never do

  • Your mop should never be wet; it just has to be damp. Washing your hardwood is counterproductive.
  • Don’t just pick up any regular floor cleaners to clean your hardwood; rather take time to seek out products that are specifically designed for cleaning your hardwood.
  • Wax is not an option for your floor if it has a urethane or some other type of gloss.

Repair, Refinish and Protection

Carrying out repairs on hardwood floors requires certain steps. For repairs to be carried out on hardwood floors with a damaged surface, you must first remove the finishing on the wood to gain access to the surface. Then after the repairs are made, you must then find a finishing product that would restore the protective finish to the wood. In a case where only a section of the finishing is removed, then care should be taken to make sure that it is replaced with a finishing product that blends in with the rest of the floor.

There are different ways to carry out repairs on hardwood floors depending on the sort of damage it has suffered. With watermarks for instance, you can simply remove the finish and rub the marks with fine grade steel wool and then refinish. Burn marks, on the other hand, require that you use a sandpaper on the area and then refinish.

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