How to Differentiate and Push Buyers to Dial Your Number for an Appointment

Are you wondering how to do this in order to sell your property quickly? Then continue reading.

First of all, we need to enhance the positive aspects of the apartment with a virtual Home Staging activity and, if necessary, also physical.

let me explain below

Virtual and Physical Home Staging

The purchase of a property is more emotional rather than a rational action, you need to internally enhance your apartment in a way that affects visitors emotionally.

There are people specialized in a physical home staging that, with little money, can significantly change the appearance of the proposed house. The real estate agent should have the possibility to include this service in the commission if it needs to reduce sales times. Research FENDI chateau residences condos to see houses staged beautifully.

If the house does not have a neutral disposition and is full of personal items or is completely empty, I suggest you advertise it with internal renderings, in practice virtual photos that help the buyer to understand how to best arrange the furniture and organize space optimally.

In general, people do not have a great imagination, every element that can help a person to imagine themselves inside the house can push customers to purchase and make you significantly reduce sales times. Good agencies which feature estates like Surfside real estate know this strategy, that’s why they sell quickly.

Work With a Specialized Real Estate Agency 

Do not contact a real estate agent who works 50 km from your house just because he is a friend of your friend or your surveyor, in my job to be specialized is to be constantly present on the territory.

Note that a consultant who has been selling houses in your area for years or is similarly specialized in the type of house you want to sell, these features make a professional the point of reference of buyers.

Think about it for a moment, if you had to buy a house in a village of 10,000 inhabitants would not you go to an agency that is present and rooted in the territory?

If you had to buy a luxury villa, would you not ask a consultant specialized in that type of property?

The market is also variable within a few kilometers, to know the right price you need to sell property in the area for a long time and deal with homes similar to yours every day just like Normandy beach homes. A non-specialized real estate agent will estimate your home based on the busted data of real estate databases.

It will be like relying on luck, and you can not afford to make a mistake, you risk losing a lot of time and money.

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