How to hire a reputable and trustworthy mover?

Sometimes, we think that shifting is a very tiring process but there is no reason to get stressed out. Researching and finding out the ways can help you to avoid scams and exclude stress with a long distance move.

There are some instructions to hire a reputable and trustworthy mover:-

  1. Trusted advisor

Take advice from home improvements contractors who work with the movers.They can offer you a better suggestion.

  1. Talk to the friends

Talk you your friends about this. Look to your facebook friends if they had positive experiences with any moving companies.

  1. Price estimates

An agent will want to visit  your home to estimate the survey of goods and provide estimate of the cost. Beware of the estimates given over internet or phone  without visiting your home. The way you describe your belongings on the phone and the way you meet personally is different to clarify the points and to ensure accurate pricing.

  1. Beware of moving scams

You can avoid falling victim to scams by looking at the following points:-

  • Never offer a deposit

             True movers never offers for advance payment before moving your items.

  • Monitor the physical address

Check the moving companies websites, feedback & the address of the moving company. Having the address and a visit at the residential address could be an indicator that the business is fair or not.

  • Verify the license

You can verify the license by looking at the U.S.DOT number on the website. All the companies should have an active license to operate.

What you can do when moving scams occurs?

Unfortunately, sometimes the consumers becomes the victim of the scams. Fortunately, there is a service called move rescue available to help. You can contact move rescue at  800-832-1773. Consumer can call on this number can talk to the representative  he will access the situation and provide appropriate next steps.

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