How to Select Your Kitchen Cabinetry Design: 4 Important Techniques

Renovating your kitchen plays an important role in keeping your kitchen aesthetic alive and attractive. Opting for kitchen cabinets gives your kitchen the perfect touch of beauty and utility. Nowadays, a large variety of kitchen cabinetry is available to choose from according to your own taste.

If you are a lover of the color white and want to add a novelty representative of the Victorian era to your kitchen, then white shaker cabinets will be an apt choice.

Shaker style cabinets were originally built predominantly during the 19th century Victorian Era. Guiding principles of the Shaker religion included simplicity, utility, and honesty. The simplicity and utility aspects of these principles were readily apparent in their hand-made, wooden furniture—which ranged from cabinetry and dressers to beds, tables, and famous ladder-back chairs. Keeping this design in mind, give your kitchen a perfect blend of the traditional and the modern with white shaker cabinets.

However, before opting shaker cabinets you need to decide about your kitchen design. Keeping the following things in mind will help you in designing your kitchen in a better way.

  • Modern Shaker Kitchens

A modern kitchen designer appreciates Shaker-style cabinetry because it is clean and uncluttered. The doors can be left plain or cabinet hardware may be added, depending on a home-owners preference. While finished wood adds warmth to modern kitchens, Shaker cabinets look very attractive when painted white. Moreover, opting for kitchen cabinets today is much easier with Wholesale Kitchen cabinets.

  • Transitional Shaker Kitchens

Transitional kitchen designers often select White Shaker cabinets because they help to create the “transition” between traditional and modern kitchen elements. While a Shaker cabinet enthusiast may hesitate at any changes made to this traditionally pure cabinetry style, contemporary shaker cabinets can also be made with a slightly beveled edge. It’s a very small design difference, but that little extra adornment will also help to keep your kitchen from sliding into the modern design category without looking old-fashioned.

  • Traditional Shaker Kitchens

Even traditional kitchens can use white shaker cabinets in their design. That aforementioned beveled edge will help to keep the look more traditional, as will the color white especially with a distressed cabinet glaze. Choosing antique or eclectic drawer and door hardware will also help to add that traditional feel to your shaker cabinets.

  • Are white Shaker Cabinets Cost-Effective?

Shaker cabinets are available in wholesale prices. If you find solid wood cabinetry is out of your price range, look into wholesale kitchen cabinets which are available at attractive and more affordable prices without any compromise on quality. White shaker cabinets are a budget-friendly and cost-effective option for your kitchen designing or renovation plan. You can choose from more than a dozen options of finishes that look just like wood. You’ll save a lot of money, get the look you want and your maintenance requirements will shrink considerably. These cabinets that can cut down the overall cost of your kitchen decor.

Shaker Style cabinets are extremely strong and well-built, which makes them endure all kinds of wear and tear that it can be exposed to in the cooking space. Moreover, they are quite spacious too, which means they will be able to accommodate a number of your cooking essentials comfortably, leaving your kitchens neater and more organized.

Depending on your personality and the kind of look you want your kitchens to have, you must decide on the design. But regardless of the decor or the interior theme in your house, White Shaker style cabinetry in white will leave a mark on everyone’s minds. Sleek, stylish, and pristine, this is a popular choice of many homeowners. However, a good choice of kitchen design will help you further showcase your shaker cabinets and add to your kitchen décor’s style which represents your own.

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