How Your Basement Could Make an Ideal Play Room

Little ones are really good at taking a perfectly cleaned living room and transforming it into an all-out war zone. A simple box of crayons and pad of paper can be transformed into scribbly, crumbly wax, shredded paper messes in no time at all. Not to mention that many common areas around your home probably aren’t set up ideally to entertain one or more small children. If you’re sick and tired of scrubbing down your house all the time, and you don’t want to look at all those toys any longer, consider investing in a quality play room instead. The right play room creates a fun space for your children to hang out, and it also gives you an area to hide away all those big toys that you don’t want hanging around your house.

Install an Ideal Flooring

The best flooring for a play space is soft, warm and accommodating. It’s also simple to clean up and easy to maintain over time. This makes rubber flooring solutions, or vinyl options ideal for this specific purpose. They are simple to install, they hold up well to moisture and offer excellent comfort and easy maintainability.

Whatever flooring solution you get, make sure it’s designed for basement use and that it will hold up well over time. Have it installed into the space before making any other modifications.

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Baby Proof the Space

Once you have the flooring in, design the layout of the space carefully to baby proof it and make it safe for your little ones. Add in features like gates, soft edges and soft materials wherever possible. You can set up your basement to fit all the needs of your little one and to have toys and games for everyone to play.

Add Shelves and Furniture

Little ones have plenty of toys and games to sort out and put away. Add in a shelving solution to hold everything up and to keep it all organized. Your little ones will have an easier time putting their things away if you have a dedicated space for everything. Work with pros to help you come up with the perfect storage solution for your new play room.

Test it Out and Make Adjustments

After you think you’re done creating the perfect play space, test it out with your little one and see if there are any changes that you want to make. Improve your space with added baby proofing, different furniture until you finally get the perfect space for playtime fun.

Once you go through all the steps to create a new play room for your little one, you’ll have the perfect space for them to relax in. You can keep the toys up and out of the way, while creating a fun play space that’s easier to maintain using your basement. It’s perfect for families that need more play room for their children, and a basement remodel project is the simplest way to get the space that you are looking for.

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