Know About The Different Kinds Of Locks Ideal For Your Home

Buying a house is one of the most common dreams of every human on this planet. However, the work doesn’t end with the purchase of the house. You need to get hold of the best security systems for your family. Due to the availability of the huge number of options in the market, you might face difficulty to pick the right lock for your home. Here are a few basic kinds of locks that are ideal for the security of residential properties.


Deadbolts are the most popular and preferred types of locks used for residential security purposes. Although there are plenty of varieties available, mostly, the homeowners are familiar with the single and double cylinder deadbolts.

The single one contains a keyed cylinder only on one side of the door. However, the double one has keyed cylinders on both sides of the door. People prefer the single type as the double cylinder may lower the possibility of escape from the building during an emergency.

As per the function, the deadbolts are mainly used for securing the exterior doors. The deadbolts got its name as it doesn’t operate using spring-loaded mechanisms for the bolt.

Cylindrical Lever Locks

Almost similar to the deadbolts, this type of locks is sued widely for both commercial as well as residential settings. Cylindrical level locks are easy to install and requires less amount of time. These locks are robust and easy to maintain. However, the security of these kinds of locks is comparatively lower than the other types of locks. 

Door Knob Locks

Door knob locks are easy to find locks that are used mainly for internal purposes. That is because they are easy to operate, and in cases of emergency, one can easily break the lock. As they provide a limited amount of safety, hence they aren’t much preferred for exterior uses. Even if they are utilised on the entrance doors of the property, then they are equipped with deadbolts to increase safety.

Smart Locks

The new-age technology has made our daily life much more accessible and comfortable. Smart and electronic locks are one such example that provides us a superior level of security. With smart locks around, you do not have to worry about finding your house keys anymore. You can deal with all the locks through your smartphone itself. Smart locks save time and are easier to use. They also eliminate the risk of access by spare keys to one’s property. Since these types of locks advanced, hence one needs to understand its operations well to avoid any mishaps. 

Mortise or Rim Cylinder Locks

Quite similar to the cylindrical locks, these are combined setups of rim and mortise cylinders. These hybrid systems are considered to be more secure than deadbolts. Hence, these kinds of locks are widely used both fordomestic as well as commercialpurposes. 

Combination Locks

Combination locks are devices which utilise a sequence of symbols and numbers. This type of lock is quite handy for the ones who keep on misplacing their keys. Combination locks also provide better security to the property. 

Knowing about the different kinds of security systems isn’t enough as you need to get the appropriate dealer too. Often you might get confused with so many options available in the market. So choose your dealer correctly to get the best systems within reasonable prices. Barry Bros Security provides all sorts of security systems within affordable rates. You can use the option call us to directly contact the professionals to know more about their services.

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