London Stone: Leading Stone Masonry Services

Over the year’s high-quality stone masonry services have become harder and harder to find, with too many companies and individualsclaiming to be stone masonry experts when they certainly are not! And, with this in mind, today we are here to help all – Sharing the details of one stone masonry expert company with all, so that as many people are possible can ensure that they are able to get their hand on the very best stone masons for their stone projects – London Stone.

London Stone is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of natural stone, also offering stone masonry services to ensure that all of their wonderful customers are able to make the most out of the stone that they purchase. The company boast a whole host of state-of-the-art stone masonry equipment and always complete work to the highest standards. The company hold many years’ stone masonry experience and are able to work to all briefs, even able to offer bespoke and personalised stone masonry services.

Just some of the typical stone masonry services offered by the London Stone the following:

Straight cutting – London Stone offer straight cutting stone masonry services, all of which are carried out by state-of-the-art bridge saws. The company offer straight cutting services of a wide variety.

Radius cutting – London Stone can create curved edges with their superior radius cutting services which utilise the latest CNC machinery. There radius-cutting services can serve a whole host of customers, creating curved features, steps, pool surrounds and coping stones.

Calibrating – London Stone offer calibrating services, which is accurately performed using high-specification automatic bridge saws. The company can calibrate all natural stone to specified thicknesses.

On site masonry – London Stone’s skilled stonemasons can come to your property to carry out a range of stone masonry functions. All of London Stone’s stonemasons are highly skilled and fully insured.

Sandblasting – London Stone offer sandblasting services – a useful technique that is used to improve or change the appearance of the surface of a piece of stone. Sandblasting can eliminate blemishes and tone down unwanted natural variations within stone.

Core drilling– London Stone offer core drilling services that are suitable for all types and thicknesses of natural stone, to create accurately sized and secure holes that can be used to insert metalwork for railing, water features, fountains and more.

Polishing–London Stone offer stone polishing services that are used to remove marks and defects, and the company are able to polish all types of stone.

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