Looking for wooden furniture, which one to choose?

When you make a new house or go in for renovation, furniture is an essential part that needs replacement. The designs and demands change with time. If you are looking for long-term investment and a classy look then you must prefer buying wooden furniture. But the main confusion that arises is which one will be the best. You can make a budget first and then search accordingly. Also, look for the designs that you want, is it rough and tough for kids around, or a delicate piece for the elegant look. Then you can browse through the catalog. There are loads of wood types that you can choose from according to your taste.

What type of wooden furniture do you want?

When you are a person who likes to collect unique pieces of furniture to decorate your house, then you can go for a piece of handmade furniture. It will give your place an extra graceful look and the whole place shall reflect your personality and taste. You can get a customized piece that only you shall own proudly. But for this also you have to be sure of the wood types you want for your home or office.

Why is there a difference in the type of wood?

The first type of differentiation that you may come across is hardwood or softwood. The hardwood is from the deciduous trees. They generally shed leaves in the autumn season and get a fresh set in the spring season. They grow slowly so have very dense and strong wood. While the softwood comes from the conifer trees. These are an evergreen type of tree. The hardwood furniture is sure to be tougher and lasts you a long time even without any repairs. These are used to make gates and windows too apart from beds and dining tables etc. This type of wood can bear a lot of weight and wear and tear is less. 

Here is a list of types of wood that you can choose for your furniture:

  • Oak: this is the most popular choice of the people these days. There are two different shades available. It is not painted but polished. So, the color you get will be grey-brown or reddish tint. All pieces of furniture can be made from this wood.
  • Mahagony: this is the costliest option available in the market, but worth the cost as it is rich and elegant looking. There is no maintenance required. The color options are brown to deep red. 
  • Beech: This is a block of very strong wood and has a tight grain, so the wood is very heavy in itself. The color is pleasantly light, and it is shock-resistant. Tables and chairs can easily be made and last very long. It is easy to polish.
  • Maple: this is a moisture-resistant type of wood, best for places where there is high rain. You can use it easily in the kitchen. The color is not very glossy, rather pale. There are swirls and twists that can be seen. But it is stained easily, so mostly the surface is painted for ease of maintenance. 
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