Perfect Air Conditioning As Per Requirement Now

Modern auto-conditioner is the closest relative of the refrigerator. Gradually improving the air conditioning the person came to the conclusion that the steam compressor refrigerating plant is the best option for the car. Absorption of heat in the air conditioner is due to the evaporation of freon (refrigerant), which under pressure moves through the system.

Why do I need to clean the car air conditioner?

Auto-conditioner, regardless of types and designs, performs the task of adjusting the temperature, cleaning and air circulation in the car interior. And like any intensively working device, it requires maintenance. Otherwise, it may happen that you have to change the air conditioner.

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There are two good reasons for cleaning the air conditioner. A number of air conditioner cleaning service options are there for these works.

Its location is in front of the main engine cooling radiator. This creates certain difficulties with access for cleaning. It is advisable to clean the conditioner condenser at the same time as cleaning the car cooling system.

Features of cleaning the radiator of the air conditioner

In view of its “fragility” and susceptibility to mechanical damage, cleaning should be done extremely accurately. It is desirable to clean the air conditioner radiator after removing the cladding, i. E. grille.

When cleaning the car’s radiator, it is desirable to have a minimum head of water, since the jet under high pressure can bend the edges of the honeycomb. There are cases when the head is pierced by metal, eaten with salt and reagents. But this is for the best. Then you just change the radiator of the air conditioner to a new one, which means that its breakdown will not be unexpected.

Features of cleaning the air conditioner evaporator

Why do I need to clean the evaporator? The fact is that the surface of the evaporator is always wet, and in the end, after a certain period of time, the air in the salon starts to come damp and musty. You understand that this is not good for your health (allergies), and again, you need to buy a freshener.

To eliminate this phenomenon, or rather for prevention by cleaning the car air conditioner, there are special kits for cleaning the car air conditioner. The kit includes: a cleaner in packages of 1 or 5 liters; reference book (instruction); aerosol cleaners.

  • Traditional cleaning of the air conditioner with a kit
  • the windows of the car open;
  • checking the drain hole and the presence of condensate;
  • under the drainage hole there is a receiving bath;

Before cleaning, it is necessary to dry the evaporator for what: turn off the air conditioner and turn on the ventilation.

Start the engine, set the temperature to “max”, distribute the air distributor down to the feet, and so let it run for 10 minutes.

To use this kit to clean the car air conditioner you will need a special gun and compressed air (about 4-6 bar of pressure). After cleaning the evaporator with a cleaner, start the engine again and dry the evaporator with hot air. You are ready to breathe again in the cabin with fresh and clean air.

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