Questions you should ask before hiring a cleaning services provider

Whether you are hiring cleaning services for your office, condominium or just an individual house, you have to do some good homework. Many at times you will hear of some providers who’ve done a lousy job. As a house owner or a businessperson, you could suffer the experiences and even worse if thorough recruitment is not done. Check out for the company credentials and carefully do sufficient “Know your customer” (KYC). The cleaner will sometimes have an access to sensitive areas like the merchandise store, supplies, and sometimes petty cash; that is why you need someone who can be trusted.

Here are a few questions that you should ask before bringing onboard that company.

How long has the company been in operation?

The years that a company has been in operation will tell you roughly, the much experience they have. Some ‘wantrepreneurs ‘ would want to get the money anyhow and would go to the extent of purchasing some rags, disinfectant, window wipes and concoct a big name of that ‘XYZ renown cleaning services’  only to offer substandard work. Get to know whom they have worked for before and the kind of training they offer to their workers. A thorough scrutiny would eliminate the unworthy, would be cleaning companies.

What type of clients has the company served?

This question will enable you to assess whether the company’s condo cleaning services are worth engaging in. The size of companies they have offered services for will help you gauge on whether that experience is sufficient to warrant excellent cleaning services. Don’t hire the services of an inactive provider or someone who doesn’t seem to be busy; they could be trying the business with you and this is quite a risk. If you have that complicated office with an array of rather sensitive equipment that would require wiping and polishing using specialized apparatuses, does your preference have the experience?

What are the services that the company offers?

An ingenuine service provider will jump into that simple answer, “we do everything” and this should be a ‘red flag’. The right Condo cleaning company will give you a list of the specific services that they offer and details of how they do it. Experts would take you deeper to highlight corporate and individuals they have served before. Let the services provider give specifics on the job and avoid those who give vague and over-generalized answers to get the opportunity. This gives you the confidence that the person is the right fit for the job.

Is the Condo cleaning services provider registered?

Legality of any business is the first indication that they are genuine. Let the provider show copies of registration certificates and licenses. These documents will show you how long they have been in business and whether they pay taxes and other government fees. This will be an assurance that they can be trusted and held accountable in case they do not meet their promise.

Generally, an experienced condo cleaning services provider will give a satisfactory response to such leading questions. Before committing to any agreement, ensure you’ve read their service charter, terms, and conditions. This is to ensure that you are all aware of each other’s expectations.

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