Range hood – clearing fumes from the kitchen

Kitchen is the area of continuous mess and in homes mostly women work in this area. And they get often suffocated in it. If proper ventilation is not given to this area various types of smells will be inhaled inside your house. Also, there are fumes of some food that can make your eyes burn or bring tears if it is not exhausted. Hence, the chimneys play a vital role for this task. And for modern chimney, range hood exhausts every fume out through the chimney.

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For olden chimneys

If you have typical olden chimneys then also you can get the best range hood brands for it. You can get it installed by the company or you can do it by yourself also. You need to be very keen while buying the range hood for your kitchen, look for the one which covers the stove fully. For that you have to take accurate measurement of your stove. You can install it in your old chimney by yourself only; first you need to disassemble the hood by taking out bottom panels and then it just left some drilling, screwing and connection of wires.

Check CFM ratings

According to Kitchen Folks300, you should purchase the one with correct CFM ratings. CFM stands for the cubic feet per minute. You should check this before you are going to buy the range hood. You can calculate the CFM of your house by multiplying the square footage of your house by 2.  400 cfm is considered to be the best rating. You must find the correct sizes that can be fitted in the easily standard sizes are 36 inches, 48 inches and 60 inches. When you get it installed completely, you must check that the hole of the range hood matches with the vents so that it can work better.

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