Securing Your Toronto Home with Seismic Technology: What Does It Take?

Home security is a major concern in Toronto. Increased insecurity is something that both the homeowners dread when they think about it. Most of them have been forced to consider modern solutions and not to depend entirely on traditional options like hiring a security guard and building a security fence. They are thinking of smart home security solutions.

Speaking of smart home security solutions, one amazing innovation that’s drawing interest is seismic technology in Toronto. In this technology, invisible seismic sensors are installed around your home to secure it 24/7. Since the sensors are invisible to intruders, they normally do not have an idea that they are being watched. This gives you an upper hand when it comes to neutralizing the threats.

How Do Seismic Sensors Work at Home?

Seismic sensors are designed to detect and measure ground vibrations identified around your home. The vibrations can be in the form of footsteps, people tunneling or a moving car. They are measured as electronic signals and are sent you in the form of an alert. Actually, these sensors can be integrated into your existing home security system. Whether it’s your CCTV system or smart alarm system, all can work collaboratively for the betterment of your home security.

Generally, seismic sensors for home security come with the following features:

  • Threat classification: They can identify the threat type based on how serious it is.
  • Adaptive intelligence: They can differentiate a false alarm from an actual threat.
  • Tamper-proof: They are designed to sound an alarm when there are vandalism attempts.
  • Pinpoint accuracy: They can show exactly where the threat is.
  • Weather-proof: They are designed to work in all weather conditions without fail.

What Are Your Options?

At the moment, there are four seismic sensor solutions that are made for Toronto homes. They are:

  • Ground perimeter sensors: These sensors are buried underground around the perimeter of your property to create a virtual/unseen fence. The virtual fence is not only invisible but can’t be climbed over or tampered with by intruders.
  • Ground standalone sensors: These sensors do not form a virtual fence around your property but are able to provide radius coverage around it. If vibrations and signs of movements are detected within the radius, then you’ll get the alert. In addition, they are able to pick up signs in the environment which may be suggestive of an earthquake. They are buried at specific points around your house.
  • Smart seismic detectors (SGx Chips): Talk of seismic sensors with brains; this is what you get from SGx chips. They are also buried underground and linked to your IoT app or present smart home security solution to secure your home. The advantage is that they have an analog-to-digital conversion (ADC) property. So, they easily pick up analog signals and change them to digital.
  • Portable-tactical kits: These kits are a plug-and-play kind of seismic sensors. Like the rest, they are buried underground and do not need expert intervention to run.

There’s no doubt that smart home security technologies are the way to go in Toronto. With seismic sensors, you have more than an anti-intrusion and anti-vandalism solution. You also have options that can detect an earthquake. This allows you some time to save lives and property if you can.

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