Sheesham Wood Beds Online – Your Route To A Dream World, Literally!

Wooden beds are becoming more advanced, and the need for a quality bed with both affordability and trendy pattern is the big quest for everyone. Everyone needs to invest in a bed that complements their home décor and various features. Different functionalities of a wooden bed offered by Wakefit are appropriately reasoned out and purchased to provide the best results. Today’s era is so inclined to online shopping that all the items are sold online. So, purchasing a wooden bed online also is highly possible with the best shipping, exchange, return and EMI options. Undoubtedly Sheesham wood is gaining popularity worldwide owing to its best functionality and cool features. Let us discuss further.

Basic Knowledge About Sheesham

Sheesham wood is attained from a deciduous tree called the Dalbergia Sisso that grows mainly in the Indian subcontinent. It is a reasonably tall tree capable of producing between 900 to 1300 m and grows well in a temperature condition of 10 to 40 degrees Celsius. Sheesham wood trees can withstand an average rainfall of 2,000 mm and can best thrive on pure sand and gravel or even slightly salty soils. It ranks second after teak based on the amount that is cultivated. It is extensively found along the Himalayan region between Assam to River Indus. These trees mainly grow along the river banks, and the cultivation extends up to West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab. The other names of Sheesham wood in other places are Shishan, Sissoo, Shisham, etc.

Key Features Of Sheesham Wooden Bed

Sheesham wood is a reputed type of lumbar and is the best choice for many crowds worldwide as they deliver good quality and eye-catching visual appearance. The several benefits of buying a Sheesham wooden bed online are:

  • They offer good resistance to various forms of rodents and decays specifically to dry wood termites, making them ideal for all temperatures and climatic conditions.
  • The Sheesham wooden bed has a uniformly coarse texture and is a marvellous choice for accommodating any space and elevating its outlook.
  • Sheesham wood does not get split or broken even with high impact. Hence it is a piece of excellent furniture to be adorned in any bedroom.
  • The Sheesham wood is sturdy and challenging, with grains that are straight and can be interlocked too.
  • They naturally possess striped patterns on them with a lustrous appearance.
  • The bed frames that are made of Sheesham wood are very sturdy and robust.
  • The bed made of Sheesham wood is highly durable and less vulnerable to external trauma.
  • They are resistant to cutting and sawing procedures during the production processes.
  • One can polish this wood to make it appear very smooth. The advantage when doing this is that a Sheesham wood does not require frequent polishing. More times, a block of wood is polished, it will get damaged with time.
  • Each piece of Sheesham bed comes in a unique finish. They have a well-defined grain texture to achieve a smoother output that one can finish well with hand wax techniques.
  • They come in various colours, between brown to red tint and also with multiple textures. Additionally, the colour can be changed to an entirely different shade topping with other techniques of any kind. Sheesham tends to withstand any amount of external force and pressure.
  • Sheesham wood storage bed has high tensile strength, making it more robust than any other wood in the commercial market.
  • Sheesham has the natural property of being pest resistant when they are properly seasoned and manufactured into beds.
  • This wood is not affected by high moisture or oil contents and effectively tolerates the local heat and humidity.
  • The cravings and engravings can be done in any intricate patterns, too, without disruptions in between.
  • They are easy to clean by only using a dry cloth.
  • It is value for money, and a king size bed will also work out at a reasonable price when made of Sheesham.

What Makes Sheesham Wooden Beds Fulfil Your Dreams?

Five significant aspects make a Sheesham wooden bed ideal for all households. They include:

  1. Affordability:Sheesham wood has similar properties to teak but is very reasonable in cost compared to other premium woods. They are valued for money as they are also easy to maintain and without any special care. On re-waxing or polishing after years of usage, they are transformed and looks as though they are new.
  2. Auspicious:Sheesham wood has religious aspects attached to it. It is believed that they bring prosperity and peace to every home, according to Vastu-Sastra. This belief is firm among North and South Indians as they relate the quality of lifestyle to it. So, the pooja cupboards and articles to be used in a home are essentially picked to be the ones of Sheesham wood.
  3. Variety Of Shades:There are many shades in Sheesham natural wood that make it blend with almost any house theme and concept. Natural wood is preferred in many cases without even polishing, but with additional treatments, one can change the entire colour to suit the other décor and interiors in certain circumstances. Hand waxing improves the shine the lustre of the furniture and beds.
  4. No Warping:It does not warp or bend or lose shape in any circumstance. This excellent property of Sheesham wood also prevents it from shrinking or expanding with regard to climatic changes.
  5. Easy To Produce And Carve:It is shaped and carves any desired shape from a Sheesham wood due to its tough and durable quality. This is used to enhance the aesthetics when used for a bed and also to increase its craftsmanship.

The Sheesham wood bed is made in a wide range of vintage and modern patterns at the same time as they are easily worked upon with external things like paints, polishes and glues. All the creativity can be done to these wooden beds and so show off your class and taste to create an everlasting masterpiece for your haven. Finally, make your choice to purchase Sheesham wooden beds to obtain enticing benefits through their incredible policies. Online options also have customisation allowing you to give life to your dreams.

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