Tattered Elegance: An Introduction to Shabby Chic

If you’re moving into your first apartment or home then you might find yourself on a little bit of tight budget. You will want to ensure that your new space is as homely as possible but on a tight budget, this might seem to be impossible. Fear not, there is a simple and budget-friendly way to decorate your new space and it’s called Shabby Chic.

Shabby Chic can be best described as making use of upcycled furniture pieces or rustic design. The style features elegantly faded trimmings to match perfectly to your home to ensure that the space you are creating is both functional and stunning. Shabby Chic is the perfect decorating option for anyone who is taking on the mammoth task of styling their home on a tight budget. This type of design style is also perfect for those looking to add a little vintage charm to their living space.

To make the best of the Shabby Chic design concept we have compiled a comprehensive introduction piece to ensure that you are perfectly able to buy and match pieces to your current home surroundings.

Reclaimed charm through Shabby Chic

Over the last few years, Shabby Chic has evolved as a design trend in response to stark minimalism. Designers and homeowners have moved on from clinical white rooms decorated with trendy furniture to take full advantage of the tattered elegance which Shabby Chic brings with it. Many see the design trend as the future of dilapidated Victorian charm which features pastel colors and painted furniture.

Since the growth in its popularity, the internet has been awash with imaginative design ideas incorporating the use of Shabby Chic. It’s easy to see by this design trend has captured the hearts of so many and why more and more people are turning to DIY to create their perfect Shabby Chic homes. Social media pages such as Pinterest are filled to the brim with ideas which can easily be crafted from everyday furnishings.

Designers who have cleverly embraced the trend have shown millions of online visitors that dilapidated doesn’t have to mean tacky and run down does not mean gross. The new words which are added to furnishings include rustic, elegance and Victorian. Shabby chic involves ending a move for constantly having to have the best and the newest but rather setting the fashion trends aside to find items which are of high quality and pre-loved.

Those taking up the trend must have an eye for detail and be able to spot those hidden treasures wherever they may be found. Many of the found pieces need to be properly and professionally restored, but if done correctly they could fetch as much as four times what was originally paid for them.

Shabby Chic is best used as a contrast which invites those embracing the trend to make use of warmth and compassion. Shabby Chic is a trend which, when incorporated correctly, has the ability to enrich lives.

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