The Truest Sense for the Air Conditioning Works

Nowadays, air conditioning is the standard in most cars sold on the Polish market. Unfortunately, not all drivers know that it is necessary to service and perform periodic inspections of the system for efficient operation.

Spring and warm days is the best incentive to check the condition of the air conditioning system in the car. Most drivers like to travel in pleasant conditions, and these are provided by an efficient and “climate”. Unreserved air conditioning is the cause of the bad odor in the vehicle, it fails to perform its role effectively, and in some cases may result in repairs counted in hundreds or even thousands. For the LK Brothers Aircon this is the best deal.

Car air conditioning – how you care, yes you have

The first step to maintaining the air conditioning system in good condition is the frequent use of “air-conditioning”. The refrigerant in this system contains lubricants and preservatives, so a long break in the use of air conditioning (eg during the winter) can cause the mechanisms responsible for cooling the air to deteriorate. It is worth remembering that air conditioning not only facilitates maintaining a pleasant climate in the car, but also accelerates the evaporation of windows, which is also useful in the colder seasons.

Winter conditioning is a good idea

Not using air conditioning in winter results in the lubricating additives may precipitate out of the liquid and cease to meet your requirements. functions. As a consequence, rubber seals in the system begin to age faster, and this leads to leaks. The result of neglect is the escaping coolant, and damage repair involves the release of several hundred zlotys. That’s why it’s good to turn on air conditioning from time to time, even if the outside temperature does not encourage you to cool the interior of the car.

When to replace the pollen filter in the car

According to experts, this should be done at least every two weeks and let her work through several minutes. Unfortunately, it will not always be possible, because at very low temperatures the air conditioning will not start – this effect occurs depending on the cooling system software.

When to do and with what the air-conditioning inspection is connected

The correct operation of the air conditioning system requires that it should be periodically reviewed at least once a year. The best time to do this is spring – temperatures are not that high yet, and there are no queues at service points.

The car should be returned to a specialist workshop dealing with cooling systems or to the authorized service station. There, the mechanics will check the condition of the compressor, the cooling efficiency of the system, the level of refrigerant, and eventually top it up. What’s more, if there is a need for experts to mold the “climatic”, eliminate the leaks and replace the compressor. Of course, everything is associated with the appropriate costs, so we should look after the condition of air conditioning in advance.

How much does a complete air conditioning service cost?

The prices of the air conditioning service are varied. We will pay about PLN 150 for a complete review, consisting of the system diagnosis and replacement of the coolant, and if we decide to mouldering, then we will spend about PLN 200 for the whole. Of course, the amounts vary depending on the service and whether we choose an ASO or an independent workshop. Some networks also organize seasonally promotions for this type of services, which is why it’s worth to look after offers so as not to overpay.

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