Understanding the Types of Doors on the Basis of Material of Manufacture

There is a wide array of doors and windows available in the market which are either designed or are available readily in the market which only requires ready fixing. On the basis of the material of manufacture, some of these varieties along with their primary traits, pros and cons are provided here to make it easy for you to choose from.

  1. Timber or wood doors

Timber or wood is deemed as the most common material for the manufacturing of doors or windows. The reason it is so popular is that it is readily available on a local scale. Nowadays, large varieties of wood are readily available and should only be chosen on the basis of its properties like durability and your budget. Even though they can practically be used in any location in the house, they are best meant for exterior locations.

  1. Battened or ledged doors

They are the simplest form of doors and have been in use since eons. These doors include vertical wooden battens which is equal to the door’s height with about a thickness of 35 mm in which the tongue and groove is joint. Generally, three ledges are offered, one each at the top, bottom and the middle. These types of doors can either be braced or framed and braced to offer stability and appealing looks. These doors are ideal for toilets and baths and in the houses where low budget doors are preferred.

  1. Framed and panelled doors

The frame of these doors are designed of wood and the shutter panels are made of block board, plywood, timber, hard wood etc. Various designs can be made on the panels, hence making the doors appealing. The panels can also be made of glass. Some doors are designed in such a way that a part of the door has wooden panels and the remaining is of glass panels. These types of doors are called panelled and glazed. These doors are flexible in terms of design. The design is derived according to the requirements and location of the house. The frames are made of wood or metal like steel.

  1. Glass doors

Glass is mostly used for panelling purposes, but you desire to have glass doors, you can have that too. These doors are only made for the backside of the house as it offers an unobstructed view of the garden. You can only have front doors made of glass, but extra care has to be taken which ensures both privacy and durability. Glass panels made into wooden flames are also an appealing option for front doors by Unisson Groupe.

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