What are the characteristics of Afghan rugs?

Rugs are a beautiful addition to our homes. They provide us with comfort, warmth, and many practical and styling benefits. Rugs are light in weight and also affordable than a carpet that is why many people love rugs as their flooring options. Carpets are part of oriental cultures, and many oriental rugs are famous for their unique features and rich colors. Afghan rugs are one of the favorite oriental rugs – these are classic yet trendy choice of people worldwide. If you are also looking for some oriental rugs for your home afghan rugs can be your choice. Here are a few characteristics of Afghan rugs that will help you chose them for your home.

Types of Afghan Rugs:

Afghan rugs are found in different types – these types base on a place of origin, designs, and materials few of them are

  • Daulatabad Rugs:

These rugs are traditional types of Afghan rugs and when someone says Afghan rug that eventually means Daulatabad rugs. The creamy textured Afghan carpet is available in octagon designs and red background. The Daulatabad rugs come from the northern side of Afghanistan, and they are usually available in two colors, red and dark blue. Due to their popularity, they are easily found everywhere in the world.

  • Adraskand Rugs:

These rugs are made of wool and quite similar to oriental rugs types. The rugs consist of human and animal forms which are not found easily everywhere. Most Afghan rugs have geometric designs as these rugs are part of Islamic heritage – these carpets come from Northwest Afghanistan.

  • Mauri Rugs:

These rugs are known as the most luxurious types of Afghan rugs. Traditionally coarse wool is used in Mauri rugs along with silk wraps. These rugs have the finest knotting with straight weave and consistency.

Characteristic that makes Afghan Rugs unique:

Based on their types here are a few characteristics that make Afghan rugs unique:

  • Techniques of weaving:

Afghan rugs are strong and durable – mostly the Afghan rugs are hand-woven, and recently machine woven Afghan rugs are introduced in the market. The technique of weaving is different and unique – these are usually incorporated in small looms and made with famous Persian Knots.

  • Textures and material:

There are different textures and materials used in making the process of Afghan rugs. Other types of Afghan rugs are made with different materials and textures. Mostly the material used in the process is flat-non pile wool, cotton, and silk, and it takes almost nine months to make a new rug.

  • Designs:

Afghan rugs are unique work of art and a different color palette. They are available in various sizes as one carpet is the only of its kind. There are diverse use of fabrics and elegant hand-knotting techniques. Afghan rugs are known as traditional and classic rugs of artistic Afghan-culture besieged by war.


Afghan rugs are unique and stylish; they are not only beautiful; they also provide practical benefits. For instance, comfort, warmth, and is made of natural material they are eco-friendly and anti-allergic.

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