What Kind of Exterior Doors You Would Like to Have

To choose the right exterior door, aesthetics, insulation and safety are the most important criteria to consider. It can be made of aluminum, wood, PVC or mixed materials and with or without glass, there are many models on the market. Here are some tips to help you choose it.

Choose the material of the door

  • Wood is the perfect material for an entrance opening. With a warm and authentic atmosphere, it is a noble material, 100% recyclable, robust and durable. As it can be repainted, it makes it easy to change the appearance of its exterior carpentry.
  • Aluminum combines strength, finesse, nobility and elegance. To overcome its conductive properties, the aluminum entrance door will be equipped with thermal break. Aluminum offers many colors and finishes and can even offer external bi-coloring.
  • PVC guarantees good insulation and easy maintenance. A PVC entry door is easily customizable and has a good value for money. But it is not the best material in terms of durability (because of its expansion properties during temperature variations) and safety.
  • Mixed materials (wood-aluminum or PVC-aluminum) combine the qualities of different materials: the aesthetics and warmth of wood with the low maintenance of aluminum for example. These perfect solutions have a higher cost to purchase obviously but are more comfortable and more efficient over time. For the installation of PVC, wood, aluminum or mixed materials entrance doors , you will make sure to call on a professional.

Choose glazing and installation

After having chosen the material of your external opening, you must define the glass surface and consequently the desired level of clarity in your home.

  • The full entrance opening, without any glazing, strongly protects from the outside and offers a feeling of great security. But obviously the entrance to the house will be darker.
  • The entrance opening semi-glazed is an interesting compromise between the feeling of security and the contribution in brightness.

As for the glazed entrance opening, it brings a maximum of clarity but requires to choose a glass anti-offense. Nearly 10 different windows exist to bring you privacy, aesthetics and a level of brightness according to your desires. You should know that a semi-glazed aluminum door is recommended for its robustness, its insulation, its security and its sufficient light. Regarding the pose, there are three types. The new installation, with brackets firmly anchored in the frame, is used in a new construction.

Installation in renovation, fast and without major finishing work is the installation of your new PVC door (or other material) above the frame of the old opening. Its disadvantage is that it reduces the passage width and can decrease the thermal performance. But you need to be specific on the matter now. Be sure that you can find the best door as you search properly.

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