Few Signs That Will Tell You That Your Toilet Needs Waterproofing

Balconies, kitchen, and toilets of our households are all quite sensitive to liquid intrusion. Water seeps through gaps and fractures in the floor of kitchen regularly. Water seepage will gradually deteriorate the concrete slab over time.

It is no surprise that bathrooms and balconies are particularly vulnerable to water seepage, given their proximity to water. Any condensation, dampness, or water leaks increases the danger of structural damage and mould growth, both of which can have serious effects on the structure and health of the building.

In Singapore, Proseal Contracts is one of the well-experienced companies that have got plenty of experience in waterproofing toilet floor. The following are a few signs that your toilet needs waterproofing immediately.

1. Musty odour

A strange odour in the bathroom looks natural. However, this is a warning sign and your toilet needs to be waterproofed.

2. Discolouration

With a close look, you will find a lot of unsightly discoloured patches and get your bathroom waterproofing done immediately.

3. Stains

If you fail to see any spot, but notice a fragile strip on the bathroom tiles top is good enough to go for waterproofing.

4. Mould

Mold is another issue that you could encounter with your bathroom tiles.

5. Cracks

Although tiles are resistant to breakage, they can be damaged by blunt force or excessive pressure when something heavy is dropped on them.

6. Leaning walls

Often it is difficult to spot floor damage that results in inter-floor leakages.

You may not always spot all of the indicators that your bathroom requires waterproofing and repair, especially if you believe a foul odour, discolorations, a little amount of mildew, and stains are normal in a bathroom. 

If symptoms such as leaning walls, cracks, and loose places in your tiles start causing more harm than the typical nuisance, you should contact waterproofing professionals immediately.

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