How bespoke furniture can improve your home

A home is rarely furnished in a single enormous and time-consuming effort. Furnishings grow and evolve just like the people living with them.

For most homes and room designs, mass produced furniture from big box stores or specialized retailers fits the need. There are many styles to choose from and the pieces are versatile enough to fit many living spaces and budgets. However, mass-produced furniture is available only in a certain range of standardized sizes. Available finishes and upholstery options have popular appeal but leave little room for bringing your own style into your living space.

And then there is that one empty corner between the big windows, the alcove under the stairs, or the bedroom set that is just a bit too big to leave enough room for a standard dresser. Every home has at least one area that doesn’t conform to the rigors of standardised furniture design.

Bespoke furniture offers you an opportunity to transform your living space from awkward to awesome. While custom-built furniture might not be the first solution that comes to mind, a well-designed piece can give a new lease of life to your home.

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Use of floorspace

Fitted furniture is made to suit to your requirements and fit your room. You can add storage, create an office area, or divide an open-plan living room by installing fitted furniture. Make better use of your existing space, small rooms, or a sloping roof.

Creative interior design

Working with expert carpenters and joiners, you benefit from the vision and expertise of skilled craftspeople who will help you create the perfect furniture solution. How about an entertainment unit that takes your electronics collection from a necessary eyesore to a modern design installation?

Quality furnishings

A good piece of bespoke furniture adds value to your life and your home. The quality and high-end look of a fitted bookshelf, bay window seat, or walk-in wardrobe can redefine your surroundings and might add resale value to your home.

Even if your home improvement budget is on the small side, talk to a furniture maker about your needs. Some bespoke pieces can be built using simple construction design or standardised elements to make them more affordable. Custom furniture is built to last, so a long-term investment in the right fitted piece might ultimately prove less expensive than cycling through several less than perfect solutions. In the end, your home life is worth it.

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