How to Choose and Display Wall Art That Makes You Feel on Top of the World

The carefully suspended art is like an impeccable outfit: it’s hard to describe, but at a glance we know we’ve done it.

The wall art is the most expressive part of a decorating project, but you have to show a bit of finesse to the result to be successful. After choosing the perfect canvas, an informed eye can ensure that the work is in harmony with all the other decorative elements of the room. These tips will help you.

#1: Find the perfect wall art on canvas

This advice may seem obvious to you, but we believe it’s important enough to repeat: choose wall art that you love. Not just a canvas that you like, but a work that you LOVE in capital letters. Remember that no matter what you hang on your walls, you will see it every day. If it’s not love at first sight with the wall decor that you choose, how do you think you’ll feel after looking at it for a few years?

The type of art you are going for should tell a story – your story. In fact, the best wall decor is not just fun to watch, it also reflects the lives of the people who hung it up, recalling happy memories, hobbies or personal stories. That is why many people are considering Big Acrylic prints because of the personality and story it tells.

#2: Make an unexpected choice

Once you have thought through the thematic direction of your wall art, it’s time to think about the space it will occupy in the room before going shopping. Ideally, the art is a complement to the room in which it is located, a contrasting element in both style and color palette. Art that harmonizes too much with the style of the piece will fade in the scenery instead of being noticed. Instead, try to create a balance by choosing something different. For example, if your living room has a traditional style, choose modern or abstract art or highlight an avant-garde decor by suspending a more classic canvas on the wall.

#3: Location, location, location

Here’s the tricky part: much of the impact of your wall art rests on your ability to hang it properly.

The interior design pros will tell you all: most people hang their wall art too high. The central point of the work should be at the level of the eyes of a person of average size. In fact, the majority of art galleries suspend works so that their centers are just under five feet above the ground (about 148 cm or 58 inches).

Finally, before definitively fixing it to the mu, make sure the work is suitable for the piece. To do this, hang the canvas and take a picture. Look at it for a long time, from near and far, and show it to your friends. Try to imagine what would be your reaction if you saw this painting in someone’s home. If you’re still happy after a week, you know you’ve made the right choice.

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