Prison Security levels need to be very high

Security in prison is more than just arming your personnel to the teeth and having a maze of CCTV cameras! It is about creating intelligent security systems that ensure correctional center safety is paramount for both personnel and the inmates. As a prison administrator, it is mandatory for you to ensure that safety and security are not only maintained within but outside the prison premises.

Surveillance throughout:

Prison is a very complex environment where danger is constant. Amidst hostilities turning to violence, it is necessary to maintain control and stability. Opportunities for aggression between inmates and/or staff should be identified and nipped in the bud every time. Easier said than done, it is not possible for the staff to be everywhere at all times.

With an ever rising population of inmates, companies such as Homeland Safety Systems have come up with custom-tailoredcost-effective surveillance systems that provide 24/7 access to all locations both within and outside the prison campus. Making use of a digital remote internet application software, this system protects the lives of both staff and prisoners.

High end surveillance equipment

Cameras that can record in high, low and no lighting, motion-based sensors,and key card accessible offices are just a few to mention. In order to ensure sustainable efficiency in your prison, safety audits are carried out by the technical crew of Homeland Safety, with training programmes for staff to gain a better understanding of the surveillance and property management system(s). Your inmates are bound to behave well when they know that they are under constant watch. In other words, less rioting, sledging, violence amongst inmates, a healthy prison all round!!

Constant vigil needs to be maintained even upon the staff in order to evaluate their performance. A secure monitoring system in place means lesser dependence on guards to enforce the rules and regulations on their own. This gives them the chance to multitask their admin and operational activities at the same time.

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