How to Clean Vinyl Siding?

A lot of times people complain that the home exterior is looking faded and drab, especially the vinyl siding. If you are part of them, you are just in the right place. If youlive close to a busy road, or an open dusty field, am so sorry because you probably have seen your house as being ugly and old a couple of times. Have you heard of a pressure washer? You can always get one at Unimanix. A pressure washer is that equipmentthat can help you a great deal. You can develop a plan to clean the exterior of your home in just a day using this equipment. Let me quickly take you through some step-by-step procedures to follow to clean your vinyl siding using a pressure washer.

#1:Access the condition of siding and windows

This is the first step to take when you really want to give the exterior part of your home a new dazzling look. Take a little time to walk around the house to check for loose vinyl.  Check for cracks and spaces in the sidings of the wall because water from pressure washers can pass through them and it may mess up your cleaning process.

#2:Dilute cleaning chemicals

How do you achieve this? You can soak the soil around the edge of your house. This can be your garden. This makes the chemical in the soap to be used to become dilute so they are not used up by your garden plants. This can affect them negatively.

#3:Concentrate the soap

You need to be careful here because not all soaps are appropriate for siding, windows and sidewalks.Soaps that are formulated for pressure washers and for multi-use purposes should be used.  Attach the soap tip to the end of the pressure washer which provides a lower pressure blast at a wider angle.This allows for wide coverage over vinyl siding.

#4:Apply soap

Initiate the wand by turning on the pressure washer. Spray the vinyl siding but ensure you don’t spray upward or between the laps in the siding. The siding can get damaged if water is trapped behind it or into corners or crevices. You can use a tall ladder to ensure proper spraying but plan to wipe off areas misted by off-sprays with a dry towel.

#5:Rinse sliding

After thorough washing, turn off the pressure washer and switch the tip to general-use tip. Use a tip that delivers 15-20-degree angle because it can stronger pressure stream to remove remains of soap and dirt.

#6:Clean and dry corners

Look out for extra moisture trapped in sensitive areas that can be damaged easily by water and use a dry towel to wipe them off.The outer and inner corners of the siding should be properly cleaned too

You see! It’s as simple as that but it requires great care from you because you can easily damage sensitive areas of your vinyl siding. Learn how to use a pressure washer and get your home back to glow.

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